How is a Blizzard a Natural Disaster? hailey

How is a Blizzard a natural event?

A blizzard is a natural event for multiple reasons. First the evaporation happens. Next the water gets cold and then, when it falls it turns into snow. Then it can fall for minutes, hours, days or even weeks. That is when it turns into a blizzard.

How is a blizzard a disaster?

A blizzard can be a disaster for lots of reasons. First it can block roads or even highways. People could get lost. Buildings could collapse under the pressure of all the snow. If people get stuck they could get hypothermia or even worse die of carbon monoxide poisoning.

This house could collapse any second from all the pressure of the snow!

Fun Facts about Blizzards.

- If the Blizzard is really bad people can't see their hands. -Many Blizzards start as "light snow". -In the Blizzard of 1888 people could stand on a lamp post and the snow was almost as tall as a 2 story building.

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