Common Exhibit #2 Time management self study

Semester plan: Due dates, Exams, and Personal Events: First, I am starting out by listing out all of my VERY important dates, which are mostly exams, presentations, and projects.

- Jan. 11: Spring semester begins

-January 31st, 7:00-8:30 pm: Accounting test 1.

-February 2nd: Management test 1.

-February 8th: Math test 1.

-February 16th: STS test 1.

-February 23rd: Management Test 2.

-February 27th: Accounting test 2.

-March 8th: Math test 2.

-March 16th: Management test 3.

-March 21st: Start of Spring Break!

-April 3rd: Accounting test 3.

-April 6th: Management test 4.

-April 13th: CU 1010 Portfolio due.

-April 19th: Math test 3.

-April 29th: Management test 4.

-May 1st: Field trip report due for STS (Counts as final exam).

May 2nd: Management final exam, Accounting final exam.

May 3rd: Math final exam.

May 4th: Done with Spring semester! Summer Break!

Weekly Plan: The Ideal Week: In this section I will be uploading the color coded weekly chart showing you what an ideal week would look like for me. I'm sure I will mess up some of my plans during this week, so later I will journal about my failures and also successes with this calendar. The sections that are highlighted in yellow show the areas that are important things I had to do this week, while the pink sections show things that I deemed very important for that week.

So this is basically what a full week looks like for me. I didn't actually realize how much running around I actually do each day until I put it all down on paper.

Daily plan: The Nitty-Gritty: For this segment of the exhibit, I'm going to take a picture of my daily planner and insert it so you can see what I do on a day to do basis. I normally only fill out my daily planner on days that I am super busy and have a lot of tasks to complete, so I'll insert a picture of one of my super busy days.

So you can tell by my planner that it's not super detailed or anything, just simple reminders to let me know what I have to do for that day. This is for February 2nd and I had a lot on my plate that day including classes, and I only forgot to do one thing, which I'm okay with because it was due three days later and I got it finished anyway.

Part 2: Monitoring myself: Next I will post the Time management self observation and see how well I am following my planner.

Journal, February 2nd: For the most part, I think I followed my plan during the day today, but I think that may be in part because I was trying hard to do right for this project. Sometimes I tend to put things off whenever I don't write things down, so maybe I should try to do things like this more often than I normally do.

Journal, February 3rd: I kind of got off task during my day today at work. I work in the Marketing department in Sirrine, so it is pretty laid back and they allow me to do school work when there is no work for me to do. Unfortunately, one of the professors had me sorting through papers for her most of the morning, so I did not get a lot of studying done. It shouldn't put me too far behind though.

Journal, February 4th: Today was actually a pretty productive Saturday for me, I just finished up a good amount of homework and more than I had actually planned on doing, which is great. Maybe I should plan out my Saturday mornings more often.

Part 3: Evaluate and Revise: For this section of the exhibit I would like to talk about the successes and failures of my planners for the week that I planned out. I'm pretty happy to share with you that I was able for the most part to stay on task and complete the tasks I wanted to finish this week, with a few exceptions. A few things that I failed to do this week was to go to my STS class on Thursday because I went fishing on the lake instead (whoops), and I also didn't use one of the times I had set out on Monday to study for my Management 2180 class to study my book. All in all I think this planner helped me out in a major way and I don't feel the need to revise it due to the fact that I followed it pretty well with the exception of three activities. We all know that things change and everything doesn't go as planned always and I'm satisfied with my last week and its imperfections.


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