Baylis Court School Newsletter Friday 15th may 2020

Dear Baylis Court Community

I hope you are well and that your family is safe and healthy. I know that there have been some within our community who have suffered a recent bereavement and I would like to say that our thoughts are with you at this difficult time.

You would have noticed a lot in the news about primary students returning back to school on 1st June. The Government is keen for this to happen, so that parents are able to return to work and students can return to school. However, the Government is aware that any decision to open schools must be made with the highest consideration given to the health of students, staff and ultimately the health of the wider community.

The Prime Minister said that it is the ‘ambition’ of the UK Government that students in Years 10 and 12 receive ‘face-to-face support’, before the end of this academic year. Our staff are already providing face-to-face support to our students in Years 10 and 12. However, when the Government releases its guidance, we will make the necessary adjustments to what we are already providing our students.

We will keep you informed of any changes that we make.

Next week is the last week of term. Please continue to encourage your daughter to engage in online learning and if they find it difficult to connect online we have booklets of work available at school. Let us know and we will send work to you.

Have a great sunny weekend!

Ray Hinds


Digitial photography inspired by the ‘Wild Beasts’ the Fauves

This beautiful piece was created by Year 7 student Trishta Gurung.

*Artist of the Week*

This fantastic work was produced by Year 7 student Aariya Bhatt.

Project: Landscape Photography.

The digital edit has been Inspired by fauvist artist Andre Derain.

Fantastic and Strange- With Portraiture

Bushra Farheen- Year 9 Anderson

Fantastic and Strange- With Animals

Fiza Kaleem

Year 9 Austen

There is a new free MyTutor Online School, which they have designed to offer additional support to learners at this time.They will be sharing daily lunchtime live group webinar tutorials, as well as short explainer videos and written resources, covering common tricky topics across a range of GCSE subjects.

These are all completely free - students just need to sign up using the link above and join live sessions via Zoom video link. All previous sessions are also available on our YouTube channel.

The Royal Geographical Society has opened it Young Geographer of the Year Award. It is a fantastic way to spend this time.

This year’s Young Geographer of the Year competition gives young people the chance to explore the potential that geography holds. Although we might all be confined to our homes, and doing #geographyathome, we are asking young people to explore their wider geographical horizons by providing entries to our Young Geographer of the Year competition and explore the geography of:

'The world beyond my window'

We are interested in entries that explore the human and physical geography of places that exist beyond a young person's window, be it locally or further afield. We want to know how young people’s lives are connected to and influenced by these places - be the connections physical, digital or emotional. We also want to understand how geographical processes in the physical and human worlds have created these places and might be changing them.

Entries must be in by 30th June

Please see the link for more details and if you are interested in entering: https://www.rgs.org/schools/competitions/young-geographer-of-the-year/2020-competition/

I am more than happy to support any students who would like to enter. Please let me know if you do!

Miss Jackman


This week we have some wonderful VE day insprinted Cultural Enrichment from years 7, 8 and 9.

Acsah Shinoy Year 7
Abra-Ayan Arshidh Ali Year 8
Khatija Tahir Syed Year 9
Well done Michaella Grace Dancel, Year 10
Nuha Hamjath in Year 12 has painted this beautiful scene
This ambitious timetable was created by Rayiha Afzaal in year 11
Well done to Ruqayyah Hussain in Year 8!
This spooky story was written by Ifrah Shahzad in year 9
Staff Enrichment

Mr Horn's Video of Red Kites

Speakers for Schools Inspiration Programme

We believe nothing better inspires young people than the direct sharing of advice and experiences.

Speakers for Schools Inspiration Programme provides a network of today’s most inspiring figures across business, arts, politics and more donating their time to help inspire students to fuel their ambition. We are passionate about providing a high quality and personal service, making it seamless for speakers, educators and organisations to get involved. Speakers in the network range from CEOs of major companies to notable national journalists, arts people, scientists, leading entrepreneurs and academics.

Previous talks can be viewed via this link

We hope you have been enjoying the lists of health and fitness ideas put toether by Mr Mackintosh.

For this week's full list please click here

TURNING POINT-Addiction Services online

Turning Point are an organisation that can support people suffering from addiction to get the help and support they need.

From drugs to gambling, addiction is something that can cause major problems within a family but, with the right support and guidance, people can overcome their suffering and rebuild their relationships.

Currently, there are many people struggling with addiction and how they can break this destructive cycle and lockdown is an additional pressure. Turning Point can help.


Turning Point have a self referral service on their website, so people don't need to go through their GP or anyone else.

Self-referral means they have to fill in the online assessment questionnaire on the website https://tp-sc.custhelp.com/ and then they will be contacted by a member of the Turning Point team for an appointment, which at first is a detailed assessment of their needs.

At the moment, all appointments are online or on the phone and can take up to 2 weeks for initial contact to be made. Once the assessment has taken place, a tailored programme will be put in place to support them through their journey of recovery.

Please pass this information on to anyone who is struggling with addiction and wants to help themselves come out of the other side.


You will need to send me your video report by

25th June for me to submit by the 29th June. Go to the website and watch the video for more information


Get your voice heard, email Mrs Coulson for more information