Digital Me Learning Journal Gail Sammons

March 2017: This is the beginning of my Digital Me Learning Journal. I look forward to the next 5 weeks as I progress through this class.

March 26, 2017 This is my headshot taken for Week 1 assignment. I am new to photoshop. I am still trying to change background and take away shadow. Will post a new shot if I am successful.

March 27 We start Week 2 of the Digital Me class. I am looking forward to what I learn this week.

The second week we worked with indesign to create a CV. I chose to highlight my teaching. InDesign has a steep learning curve. Here is my first try:

Week 3

Wow - this was fun. I created a banner using Photoshop and InDesign. The two flower shots are from my gardens in Montana (Lupin) and Nevada (Rose). Linda Hicks - an amateur photographer - took the picture of pottery hearts - from my collection of pottery from the Brownhouse Pottery in East Glacier Park MT. I created the header in InDesign. I wanted to depict my love of gardening and Glacier Park MT.

The logo is baabookhmkf font - G is 60 pt and S is 72 point. I used InDesign to color the font then photoshop to crop and save.

Each time I get a little better at manipulating graphics in both InDesign and Photoshop. I am sure if I had unlimited time in a day I would get better.....

Banner created in Week 3
Started with this icon -but wanted more.....
Here is the logo I will use. It means alot to me as I grew the roses in my garden in Henderson Nevada.

Week 4 Digital portfolio on Behance..

I am in the process of developing an eportfolio of my favorite places and things to do in Glacier National Park. I will be taking pictures and videos this summer to add to the portfolio. I want to add stories too.

I used an iphone for video and most pictures. I used photoshop to resize and save in proper web format. I plan on using InDesign to format stories and pictures together.

Here is one of the videos I am incorporating into the digital portfolio. The birds chirping are the real thing!!

Week 5 Assessing Digital Portfolios

I created an Adobe Spark Video to complete Week 5's assignment. I don't know why I left Spark to the end - procrastination I guess. Once I learned to navigate the templates, I create a short assessment of Ashley Wilkie's digital portfolio. I will conduct an assessment on my final digital portfolio I plan to finish by June 1 to share with my summer classes.

Here is my spark video:

I leave you with my favorite picture of Two Medicine Valley. God created reflections so he can see the full scope of what he created. I am blessed each day I get to view his creations.

Two Medicine Valley East Glacier Park, Montana


Lower Two Medicine reflection. Photo taken August 2015

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