Imperialism from around the world Yelleny tejeda

What is imperialism?

It is when a stronger country conquers a weaker country. Imperialism is a type of government that seeks to increase its size, either by forcing (through war) or influencing (through politics) other countries to submit to their rules.

The United States annexed Hawaii

Hawaii was made territory in 1900.

This insecurity also led to the war against Spanish. Hawaii was annexed to the United States in 1898 when Queen Liliuokalani tried to restore the power of monarchy after the death of King Kalakaua. This would mean less US's influence on Hawaii

Great Britain and India

The British took over India due to the vast commercial and financial interests and opportunities within the region. In 1757 the British East India Company defeated Newab of Bengal, effectively bringing to the region not only British commercial power, but British military power.

Great Britain and South America

After the loss of the North American colonies, the English decided to expand into the Spanish Colonies of South America. In 1795, a Scott by the name of Nicholas Vansittart wrote a white paper clearly outlining a way to take South America away from Spain.

Puerto Rico and USA

On that date in 1898, U.S. troops invaded Puerto Rico, beginning a period of U.S. colonial domination on the island that continues to this day. The United States invaded Puerto Rico, along with the Philippines, Guam and Cuba, in the setting of the Spanish-American War.

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