The Snail and The Ladybird A Nature Tale

Hitching a Ride

This wee ladybird had been busy all day, searching for and eating aphids. She became really tired and decided to hitch a ride on the back of a snail.

Bubbling along

The snail didn't really mind and blew a few bubbles as he slithered along.

Fun Together

They found a feijoa and explored it together.

But soon the snail decided he wanted to go on an adventure alone.

Time to Part

....and he wiped the ladybird off his shell.

Where is the Ladybird

Oh Dear.....He didn't eat it, did he?

Alone at last

Still no sign of the Ladybird.....Awww, I hope it's alright.

I see it

Wait a minute...I think I see something bright and blue.

Going separate ways

All is well. The snail goes his way and the Ladybird goes her way.

Ladybird, ladybird, fly away home

The ladybird found a nice high place and flew Home, and the snail bubbled slowly away.


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Helen Gowland

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