Things You Should Know About Smite Cross Moreno

Choose a god that fits your playstyle

  1. There are many gods, or characters in SMITE. Some are incredibly beefy and can take a lot of damage, while others are not as beefy, but dish out great damage. Thus, learn what you like to do. Do you like to deal out constant damage from afar? Do you like to sneak up on enemies and take them out by surprise? Or would you rather use arcane force to obliterate your opponents. Know what you want to do.
  2. Learn the classes. There are five classes, there are Hunters, Assassins, Mages, Warriors, and Supports.
  3. Hunters are long range classes that have a consistent damage output, eliminating their enemies from afar. Hunters use high attack speed and critical hit chance (deals 2x the normal damage) to destroy you from the back line. If a Hunter catches you off guard, you will likely end up dead. Notable hunters are Jing Wei, Rama, Artemis, Anhur, Ah Muzen Cab, Apollo, Chiron, Hou Yi, Neith, and Ullr.
  4. Assassins get up close and personal, and are the highest damage dealing class, however lack the range of a Hunter, so they are a high risk-high reward playstyle. Assassins are much like a mage, however they are particularly good at melting Supports, who's defense and health points mean nothing to them. Just like any game, when your HP (health points) reach 0, you're done. Assassins get that job done in the blink of an eye. Notable Assassins are Hun Batz, Ratatoskr, Bastet, Kali, Nemesis, Thor, Awilix, Fenrir, Mercury, Ne Zha, Serqet, and Arachne.
  5. Mages take out opponents with quick, powerful bursts, since they rely off of spells that go on cooldown. Mages usually have CC (crowd control) abilities that make their job easier, such as slowing an opponent, or rooting them (holds them in place). These attacks deal a ton of magical damage, however be careful, because you can't use an ability once it goes on cooldown. Sometimes the 5 or 6 seconds you can't use a spell is crucial to your survival. Notable Mages are Ao Kuang, Janus, Freya, Isis, Ra, Raijin, Scylla, Vulcan, Agni, Aphrodite, Chronos, He Bo, Nox, Poseidon, Sol, and Zeus.
  6. Warriors are a good mixture of taking damage, and dealing it. Warriors create a hybrid of defense and attack, and are usually found on the front lines. Most Warriors are able to heal themselves on command, and have no need to rely on other people. Notable Warriors are Erlang Shen, Amaterasu, Guan Yu, Ravana, Bellona, Chaac, Odin, Osiris, Tyr, and Vamana.
  7. The Support's goal is to aid the team in whatever they need. Supports can supply healing, or they can stop the enemy from advancing. These tanky characters can deal massive amounts of damage if built correct, however they mostly soak it up. If you don't like to die, play a Support. Be warned, it is your job to initiate the attack on the enemies. Notable Supports are Terra, Athena, Fafnir, Khepri, Ares, Bacchus, Cabrakan, and Kumbhakarna.

Learn what various jungle buffs do

What is a jungle buff?

A jungle buff is well, what is sounds. A buff found in the jungle. Jungle buffs provide a variety of buffs to help your character do their job.

  • The yellow buff provides a 20% speed increase for two minutes to your god, allowing you to move around faster.
  • The blue buff provides 5 mana points per second and 10% cooldown reduction for two minutes, allowing you to cast more spells more frequently.
  • The purple buff provides 15% attack speed along with a small increase to magic power and physical power. This lasts for two minutes.
  • Finally, the red buff provides a 20% boost to physical and magical attack for two minutes.
What are 'Item Builds'?

Item builds are very complicated, at first. New players typically use the Standard build tab, or they look up specific builds for the character they are playing. Once a person learns the game more, they notice what a certain god needs. I'll list what classes stereotypically do when looking for items to use.

  • There are a few types of Hunter builds. For example, there are 'Power Hunters', which as the name suggests they build the most powerful items in the game. While costly, it usually pays off. Another thing they do is 'Crit Hunter', where they build items to boost their Critical chance. Critical hits deal two times the damage of a normal attack. Lastly they build attack speed, which is so you can send out as many attacks as possible, the maximum limit being able to fire 2.5 times a second. Different gods use different builds, for example, Apollo works best building attack speed while Neith works best building power.
  • Assassins typically either build attack speed, to make their auto-attacks (the left click button) deal more damage. However, sometimes they build items that reduce the cooldowns on their abilities/spells.
  • Mages usually have one build that only varies slightly. However, most, if not all Mages will build some form of cooldowns, since they rely on the ability to cast spells to defend themselves.
  • Warriors are a hybrid. They build four or five offensive items, then build two or one defensive items. This is so they are able to initiate battles.
  • Supports are like the warrior, however instead of building four or five offensive, they build four or five defensive. In return, they buy two or one offensive items.

What do the notable gods do?

There are a great deal of notable gods for every class, all varying from difficulties. Despite the difficulty, they are all amazing in their own special way.

  • The Chinese Hunter Jing Wei is very flexible, able to traverse anywhere in the map efficiently. While difficult, she is amazing in the right hands.
  • Rama is quite strong, with a very simple and easy to pick up playstyle. This Hindu god is easy to play but takes time to master, able to shoot through walls, and as an ultimate leap into the air and rain down a barrage of arrows on his enemies.
  • Artemis, the Greek goddess of the hunt hits like a semi-truck. She is quite literally made to crit, and when played well devastates the opposing team.
  • Anhur is the Egyptian god of... Well, slaying enemies. He does this quite well, able to impale his enemies into a wall. He is of medium difficulty, and his ultimate shoots out multiple spears for a great deal of hurt, able to go through walls.
  • Ah Muzen Cab is another easy to play, but difficult to master types of characters. The Mayan god of bees, yes, bees. Seems like the Mayans were lacking of ideas when making up gods, but that doesn't matter, beecause Ah Muzen Cab is scary. He plants hives everywhere and deals insane damage. Just build auto-attack damage and you're set.
  • Apollo is the Greek god of music, very strong in the entirety of the game and is simple to pick up. His ultimate lets him hop onto his sun chariot and ride around for however long he feels like it, and when he lands he shoots everything and anything he lands on.
  • Another Greek, we have Chiron, the great teacher. Chiron taught all the Greek legendary heroes, and no wonder. He is a very strong and moble centaur, able to turn himself invincible for a short amount of time as well as being able to heal his allies. He really has it all.
  • Hou Yi has a very high amount of damage. The Chinese god of the sun can rain down suns ontop of whoever he wants, and it hurts. A lot. He has the unique ability to ricochet his attacks off of walls.
  • Neith the Egyptian god of... Weaving. While it sounds lackluster, she is incredibly easy with good damage. Her ultimate lets her fire a huge arrow that goes through walls, is heat seaking and does not miss, and stuns.
  • Hun Batz, the Mayan god of howler monkeys brings very high AOE (area of effect) damage to the battlefield.
  • Ratatoskr is a small, adorable squirrel that scampers around the field, bringing death all around him, as he has almost every crowd control ability to use on his unsuspecting opponents. Don't be fooled by this Norse god.
  • Bastet is the Egyptian goddess of cats. She is difficult to master, however in the right hands she is able to cause chaos throughout the field.
  • Kali is the Hindu goddess of destruction, able to pick a single target to deal bonus damage to. Whenever she kills her target, she is healed for a large amount.
  • Nemesis is the Greek goddess of vengeance, able to make a shield that reflects damage back to whoever is attacking her. Nemesis is highly mobile.
  • Ao Kuang is the Chinese lord of dragons, and like any dragon, is he is incredibly powerful. The only downside is he needs to get close to his opponents.
  • Freya is the Norse goddess of valkyries, and has the strongest auto attacks in the game. She is early at the start of the game, however later in the game, she is nearly unstoppable.
  • Isis is the Egyptian goddess of magic, and she counters other mages very well, able to silence (gods cannot use spells), and stun her enemies, making her the perfect counter-mage.
  • Nox is the Roman goddess of the night, and she is also a great counter-mage, as she offers a large silence, as well as a root (gods cannot move).
  • Erlang Shen, the Chinese illustrious sage is overall strong, his ultimate ability rendering his enemies useless and healing him for a vast amount.
  • Amaterasu is the Japanese god of the sun has a great set to help the team. She can passively boost their damage output to enemies, and has a good amount of damage as well.
  • Guan Yu, the Chinese saint of war is pretty awesome. This dude rides around on a horse and demolishes the enemy team. Also he can heal. Enough said.
  • Ravana is the Hindu demon king of Lanka, and rightfully so. He has the burst of a mage, and is able to root others to the spot. Ravana is a admirable opponent, and despite his facial hair one should check him once in awhile to make sure he doesn't get out of hand.
  • Terra is the Roman goddess of the earth, and she is able to fit into every team well, bringing healing, stuns, boosts, and roots. However, it does take awhile to master her, since she is quite difficult.
  • Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom, and like Terra, is able to fit into most teams. Athena is able to teleport to any team mate, granted they do not die before she does so.
  • Fafnir is the Norse god of greed. Sounds pretty lame until he turns into a dragon. Then it is far, far from lame. While Fafnir is short, his dragon form is very difficult to deal with, and he inflicts massive damage, from stuns, to slows, to disarms (which makes it so you can't use auto-attacks).

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