Nico Rosberg, How He Won It By Jono Dalton

Nico on his way to his first World Championship. And retirement.

But first, his foundations. Where it all began.

Nico racing when he was a bit older, but still in teenage years.

When Nico was only young, like most formula one drivers in this day and age, he started kart racing. His success against his competitors such as Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button got him into the high level of formulas before Hamilton. He started in 2006 as a Willams Formula One Team racing driver. Nico did not do well in his early years in Formula One and only got to the front in 2011. He started really getting at the front consistently in 2014 as the cars moved to the more reliable V10 engines which were much more complicated.

Nico was close at the front end in 2014 and was very successful, but luck didn't fall his way and he did not win the championship.

In 2015 it was the closest Nico had ever been. He won the most races he'd ever won in a single season. He was leading the championship to begin with but his main rival and teammate, Hamilton overtook him and lead the championship for most of the season. Hamilton and Nico would have many controversial accidents/incidents throughout the season. However it would go to Hamilton once again. 2016 would be much different for Nico.

In 2016 Nico would be doing well at the beginning of the season once again. Hamilton would come back to the top through the middle stages of the championship, but as soon as it looked impossible for him to lose. But then disaster struck in Malaysia. Hamilton was leading by a long way, but then his engine failed towards the end. Hamilton's chance was in tatters. Now it was down to Nico. Nico would pick up the spoils as he now had a substantial lead. Hamilton did amazingly but it did not pay off. Nico would win his world championship, and would then quit formula one. Now Valterri Bottas takes over, but will he do as well?

What will Nico do next? Will he return or move onto something different? How will the 2017 Formula One World Championship pan out?

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