Under Wraps! April 2021

During the month of April we had equipment dropped off at the construction site for the next phase of construction. We received our fence wrap and began installation. The parking garage drawings were reviewed and edits were made. The AB Building parking garage drawings were re-submitted to the City and have been approved, awaiting pick up from the General Contractor. Property maintenance plans for the construction site and surrounding parcels were reviewed. A maintenance plan and a company was selected that best fits the stage of the project. We had site visits from interested parties with the Developer and we continue to receive multiple inquiries about residences in 29 Palms at City Center West Orange. Our design department has begun to hear from vendors and manufacturers again as Covid restrictions begin to loosen.

Equipment was dropped off on-site for the next phase of construction

This equipment dropped off is to complete the remaining building foundations (all parking garage foundations were completed by February 2021).

Top: View while turning from S.R. 50 toward Racetrack gas station or Oasis Island Drive. Left Bottom: View while exiting Racetrack or Waffle House onto Oasis Island Drive. Center Bottom: View while driving south on Bluford Avenue toward S.R. 50. Right Bottom: View after turn from Bluford Avenue onto Ocoee Town Center Blvd beside Oasis apartments.

Installation of the fence wrap began mid April with 13 panels being installed. Each panel markets a different aspect of the project; 29 Palms, retail, restaurants, office space and amenities. The City Center West Orange construction site fence-line is now visible from all main entrances and exits off Bluford Avenue and S.R. 50 / Colonial Drive into the Ocoee Town Center (future renaming to City Center West Orange). This portion of the roadway sees quite a lot of traffic due to the Racetrack gas station, Waffle House and Oasis apartments. It is also used as a cut-through from S.R. 50 (Colonial Drive) to Bluford Avenue. While the wrap was being installed many cars slowed down to read as well as some pedestrians who walked over to read from nearby businesses and apartments. Fence repair is required before completion of the installation. The contractor has been notified of repair work. The remaining 19 panels are expected to be completed in May after the fence repairs.

Building AB Parking Garage - 3rd Level Framing Plan

The AB building parking garage permit was submitted and has been approved by the City of Ocoee. It is currently awaiting pick-up by our General Contractor. The CJ parking garage drawings will be resubmitted to the City of Ocoee the first week of May for approval.

Colored Map showing all parcels submitted for property maintenance proposals

Multiple tours of all parcels with property maintenance companies transpired during the first quarter of 2021 to establish what each parcel and portion of parcels needed to have maintained. Each parcel brings its own unique terrain creating a need for a variety of equipment to be used: growth removal by hand or chemicals; traditional mower, bush hog; and specialized machinery to handle the slope on one parcel. Some require weekly and bi-weekly maintenance, others monthly and quarterly maintenance. The completion of the last phase of construction added the two properties into the maintenance plan which is why we needed to create a new maintenance plan and review our pricing options.

After 16 months of canceled design and building materials trade-shows, two large shows are returning to Orlando in July that our design department will be attending: Coverings, which for the first time will be including the National Wood Flooring Association's show, and The Southeast Builders Conference. Both shows require following local covid guidelines and may be rescheduled if required.

It will be interesting to see at these shows the effect Covid has had on design trends, product availability and colorways. Prior to covid, bright colors, mixed metals and 3D print techniques were on the forefront of design. From discussions with vendors in April, some products were held from release, some have seen changes in the intended colorways, designs include very creative techniques, calm nature-inspired colors with design and materials that promote health and antiviral properties. One common denominator was the lack of inventory in the United States, the high steel and lumber costs, the shipping fees that have quadrupled over the past year, the inability to travel for business and conduct sales, the manufacturing that had to be transferred to other countries, and receiving product being unpredictable. The reasons for this are due to tariffs that had risen prior to Covid as well as all the effects Covid had on staff and driver shortages, business and manufacturing plant closures, home improvement projects during stay at home time and the residential construction boom in some States. We'll touch more on this in our next newsletter!