Maryland wins rival game Feature by: Charlie Dreisbach

The rivalry

25 years can be a long time, for the Penn State girls lacrosse team it is the amount of time since they last beat Maryland. Maryland has had a lacrosse rivalry with Penn State since 1992. The Terps have won 28 of the 29 games since 1992. Their game on April 20, 2017 was a win for the Terps with a score of 16-14.

Goalie preparation

Maryland's goalie Megan Taylor saved double the amount of goals as the Penn State goalie Cat Rainone. This shows that the terps were more prepared on their goalie training. The Terps were also more prepared with their shoots on Penn State’s goal. The terps got 42 shots on the Lions goal. The Lions only got 29 shots on Cat Rainone. By examining the stats on the game it is easy to tell that Maryland was more prepared. In my opinion being a goalie it really counts if you put in the extra hours of practice.


The Penn State Lions have been trying to beat them for 25 years, by now they probably should have realized that the Terps were prepared and well trained. In my opinion being a goalie it really counts if you put in the extra hours of practice. The Terrapins had 42 shots on goal, Penn State had only 29.

Team Preparation

If Penn State was more prepared I think they would have a better chance of winning. After the terrapins take this game they prove to penn state that they have what it takes to beat them again, 29 more times.


Maryland had great defense compared to Penn State. The girls odn Penn States defense let the Terps attic past them 42 times. This shows that the Terrapin girl with possession of the ball got past 11 Penn State girls easily.

Future games

The Penn State Lions should understand that during this game thay had a hard time getting past the Terrapins defense. The Lions should also work on their attack because they missed a lot of their shots. The Terrapins should keep working on their winning streak because the rivalry is still growing.

"The win gave the Terps a dozen straight in the series, and they have taken 28 of the 29 against the Lions dating back to '92. - NCAA
"We are at the point now we know we can compete" -coach Doherty

Apparently the coach of the Lions thought that they could beat the Terrapins but looking back on their past games Maryland is the clear victor.

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