Todd's Portfolio Fall 2016

This watercolor art piece I like but I would like to redo it out of all my projects because I feel like my watercolor abilities aren't as good as I would like them to be.
This project was not too hard but I think this project I believe was my favorite because I believe I showed off my ability to free hand a picture of someone/something and draw that picture on something else.
My self portrait is the project that I feel most proud of because the first attempt at a self portrait was last year and I did okay but not as good as I would have liked to. I believe I did a pretty good job on this project.
This was a simple project that I drew with colored pencils about a certain word out of the dictionary. My word was "Handle" so I represented different types of handles like door handle, or hands handling a hammer, or handling a trophy.

The two top artistic behaviors I believe I have represented the best are Develop Art-Making Skills and Observe.

Develop Art-Making Skills- I believe I have expressed this greatly by exploring different kinds of media like charcoal and watercolor, etc. With those different medias I have learned techniques to make my projects look better. Picture to prove (self portrait and watercolor art piece)

Observe- I have expressed this art behavior I think the best overall because I pay attention to specific details like my Stephen Curry drawing (in progress) and my JT Barrett drawing, or my self portrait, I had to express great detail to get all the proportions right and the little specific details that make my drawings look like the actual thing.

This is a drawing of Stephen Curry that I am currently working on in class and I'm planning on using colored pencils or some other media to complete this project.

I believe an end of the year goal would be to work more with pottery and clay because I never really have worked with either one of those medias. I am kind've been playing around with clay a little bit though.

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