Mrs Reyes' Newsletter March 2017

Dear Parents,

Welcome to March! Only a few days more until the March Break. The students have been working hard and should enjoy this well-deserved rest before another three months of hard work at school.

With that said, my due date is fast approaching and would like to take the time to thank you for allowing me to work alongside you and your children in helping them grow - you must all be very proud. It has been a great pleasure being a part of the Norman Ingram community, where parents, staff and students genuinely look out and take care of one another. Thank you again for all the well wishes. I truly enjoyed my time teaching your children. I hope to see you all next year.

Please join me in welcoming Lipi Parekh to Norman Ingram. She will be working with the students while I am away.

My name is Lipi Parekh, and I'm so thrilled be be joining the Norman Ingram family! I've been lucky to have been teaching for over 7 years, with most of that time spent in primary grades. I love books and am so excited for the reading adventures we are going to get to explore together! After school, I love taking my dog to the park. He is a year old Wheaten Terrier, named Frederick, that has more energy than a room filled with first and second graders! I can't wait to spend the remainder of the year learning and growing with you!


The students have been learning four forms of poetry: the Acrostic, the Haiku, the Cinquain and the Diamante. We have learned how to use apps such as Doodle Buddy and ChatterKid to present our Acrostic poems. I will send a link so you may view the students' finished work.

Learning to use Doodle Buddy on the iPads.

We will move on to Procedural Writing (step-by-step written instructions to accomplish a goal) once our poems have been published.


We are covering Fractions and have learned how to divide whole objects into equal-sized parts using fractional names such as halves and fourths or quarters (Grade 1) and the relationship between the number of fractional parts of a whole and their size, regrouping fractional parts into wholes and comparing fractions (Grade 2).

The Grade 1s will also cover money - identifying coins and their values and representing money amounts up to 20 cents.

Science/Social Studies

The Grade 1s are learning about different types of energy (e.g. electrical, solar, wind power) and will investigate it's uses at home, at school and in the community. They will also understand that energy is something that is needed to make things happen, and that the sun is the principal source of energy for the earth.

The Grade 2s are investigating the properties of liquids and solids through hands-on activities in the class. They will assess the ways in which the uses of liquids and solids can have an impact on society and the environment.

The Arts

The students are learning about creating different visual and tactile textures in art, while also learning about positive and negative space to create unique projects.

In Drama, the students will learn about the dramatic element of tension and create tableaux of a problem in a story they have read.

Some upcoming dates:

  • April 7th - Trip to Revera to share our stories
  • April 17th - Suessical the Musical at Richmond Hill Theatre
Working on a STEM project with the Grade 3s to build a bug using only 20 pieces of Lego.
Students test their rubber band cars and present their communities.
Getting our sugar fix at the Valentine's Day Bonanza.
Using the Smart Board for interactive games on 3D shapes.
Thank you parents for your donations to "Double the Love". Without your help, Crazy Hair Day would not have happened...
Nor Favourite Stuffy Day...
Or Favourite Jersey/Hat Day!

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