How These Changes Will Affect Sacred Heart Schools Group 13

Sacred Heart Schools have evolved greatly throughout the years to meet the changing necessities of our society and take advantage of accessible resources. However, their goals have always stayed the same: to educate young women’s minds and hearts. It has always been a Catholic school, teaching about our religion as well as normal education, but things such as the focus on religion and time spent praying or in mass have decreased as time and our culture have changed. If this trend continues, then eventually we may do little to no work relation to Catholicism, or we will focus less on Catholic beliefs and explore other religious and cultural ideas. However, since it is such an important aspect of the school’s history and traditions, such as celebratory masses in our beautiful chapel, we believe that Kincoppal-Rose Bay will always be a Catholic school.

As technology advances and other schools advance with it, it is likely that KRB will fuse together traditional values and ideas with our rapidly advancing society by combining available technology with already-existing facilities. While this could make the school seem stuck in the past, it could help students feel more in-touch with their past in a world dominated by thoughts about the future. The building is a heritage site and we doubt it will be lost or destroyed, but rather maintained with pride. Technology could enable Sacred heart schools around the world to have close contact with each other, connecting the schools and their students on a deeper level. Another effect modern technology may have is tests or class work being conducted entirely through the internet, and skills such as handwriting becoming unimportant and rare.

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