Swimming Like...SHARKS! swimming for fun! By Ann

People cheering, clapping who is going to be the winner of this race...

The Start

I recommend you to start getting a kick board, then start kicking freestyle kick. If you're noticing that you're not going as fast, try to kick small fast kick, below the surface. If you want to have a rest, and not going out the pool try to do some TREADING, it will help you to float up better. When you see swimmers dive there hand are pointed and there fingers touch the water first, because so they can go through the water, smoothly and not do a belly flop.

When you are diving straighten your arm to dive in the water better and make sure your hand touch the water first.

Easyest stroke

Freestyle is a stroke that most people like and mostly swim because it uses less energy but if, you only have the right technique. If you don’t want to get tired easily, I suggest you to stretch your arm in front of you, while swimming freestyle. If you want to flip fast, then recommend you to flip when you're close to the wall, then push off then turn, while streamlining through the water.

Try to stretch your arm while swimming freestyle.

On Your Back

Backstroke is a stroke that you lay on your back, and your face is facing up. When you swim backstroke your pinky should touch the water first, before the other finger touch the water. When you're very tired, try to do elementary backstroke to cool down and it's very easy to do, and less tiring. When you start in backstroke, you hold the wall and pull yourself up and let go of the wall, and STREAMLINE under water, with dolphin kick. When you flip in backstroke try to look at the flag, time your stroke, then turn and flip.

try to not move your head because then your going to go in zig zag and your going to hit the lane line.


In breaststroke you're going to be kicking like frogs, but if you have the wrong technique you might go very slow. When you flip you have to touch the wall with your two hands, swing and, one hand go under water, other hand on surface then push of to a streamline, and do breaststroke pull out. When you're racing, don’t do freestyle kick because your are going to get DQ, which means disqualified out of the game

put your in the water first before

super fly

Butterfly is a stroke that uses more energy, than other stroke do, and it, a lot harder to swim. When you're very tired I suggest you to not swim butterfly, because your energy will go down fast. In butterfly try to straighten your arm to go faster, and when you breath your head should go in the water first, before your arms go in the water.


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