Y2K By: Isaac Darkangelo

The Y2K Occurred on December 31, 1999 - January 1, 2000.

The Y2K was know as the Millennium Bug. It was a computer flaw, or also a bug. The problem with the Y2K was that they always used two digits to say the date of the year. So once 2000 came around they would use "00" but they had already used that for 1900. They thought that the computer systems and programs would get messed up and would start 1900 again instead of going to 2000.

The Y2K was a software and a hardware problem. It was projected to create problems in computers and network systems around the world. Also would have an effect on banks, businesses, power plants, water pressure and radiation levels.

The impact that the Y2K had on history was that it changed our computer systems and hardware. It showed us a new way to update and renew our systems. Many people thought the Y2K was a hoax or an end-of-the-world-cult.

The millennium bug affected the whole country. The United States was one of the top countries that was well prepared for this bug. Many other countries were thought to be well less prepared for the bug.

President Bill Clinton signed the year 2000 information and readiness disclosure Act. This Act was made so that when people would find info on the Y2K they would have to share methods and best practices of the Y2K.

An estimated $300 billion had been spent to fix and upgrade the computers and their programs for the Y2K scare.


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