The Revolution´s & GMO´s by Jadon Purcell

First agricultural revolution

During the first agricultural revolution happened 11 thousand years ago. People changed from hunting and gathering to domesticating animals and planting crop in abundance. This allowed the world to be able to sustain more people and instead of moving around they could stay in the same place. Corn and wheat were some of the first crops grown.

Second agricultural revolution

The second agricultural revolution happened in the 1700´s and horses and manual labor was used. Later in the revolution machines were used. The machines were more efficient than the manual labor and horses. These machines allowed farmers to plant where they could not before and plant more faster, and the same went for harvesting. In this revolution farmers figured out how to rotate crops and use all of their land at once.

Third agricultural revolution

During the third agricultural revolution (1900ś) the farm equipment advanced to be able to plant and harvest more and faster. Farmers started using chemicals to kill weeds instead of natural fertilizers. Farmers figured out how to breed crops and animals to make them the way that they wanted (GMO´s).


During the third agricultural revolution genetically modified organisms (GMO´s) were created. Farmers figured out how to breed crops and animals to make them the way that they wanted (GMO´s). For example they bred chickens to grow faster and bigger and corn was bred to grow faster and bountiful. Some good things about GMO´s are they help make food cheaper and they make the food grow faster, stronger, and produce more. Some bad things are that puts chemicals into the food you eat and the people who package the food don´t want to label it.


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