9 Elements of Digital Citizenship by Arianna Torrez

Digital Access

Digital Access is when someone has full access to the online world. Everyone and anyone is allowed to be a part of digital access because it is open to the world. No one should not be permitted to no use it because it is our choice if we want to join in online. The internet is free for anyone and it is not limited in any source. You can have access to many different things but some of the most digital access in my opinion comes from SnapChat, Instagram, and YouTube. These are the most popular to me because they do have many people who use them on a regular basis.

Digital Commerce

Digital Commerce is the buying and selling of goods online. Technology users should be very careful with this one because there can always be a scam or something goes wrong with the order. It would be safer, in my opinion, to not buy goods online because you can get something you didn't order and the person selling may not want to give you your money back. It can also be an illegal what the seller is offering you.

Digital Communication

Digital communication is the online exchange of information. In the 19th century, forms of communication were always being very limited. But ever since the 21st century, communication options have increased greatly giving us a wide variety of choices. Now that these communication options have increased, people have started being able to keep in constant communication with each other. People have been more free to contact each other whether it's calling or even text.

Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy is the way of teaching, using, and learning online technology. This element is very important because you do have to know what you're doing online and if it's bad or good. It is something that is used very often because some schools do have technology classes and they are teaching you the basics of using your technology.

Digital Etiquette

Digital Etiquette are the electronic standards of conduct and procedure. It is said that technology users feel this element is an area where it has the most pressing problems with technology. It's a set of rules that one must follow in order to make it not only good for others, but also good for you. You must treat everyone with the respect they deserve whether it's online or offline.

Digital Law

Digital Law is the electronic responsibility for your actions and deeds. It is the element that deals with the ethics of technology. The deeds are either ethical or unethical. If your deeds are unethical that means you are doing a crime or theft. If your deeds are ethical that means you are abiding the laws of society which basically means you are doing what you're supposed to do.

Digital Rights and Responsibilities

Digital Rights and Responsibilities are those freedoms extended to everyone in the world. Just like the Bill of Rights, the digital world also has a set of rules that goes for every digital citizen. With this set of rights, responsibilities must come also. Everyone must be responsible for their actions and know their actions will always have consequences. Many people don't take in part another person's rights and this ends up causing trouble whether it's bullying, a heated online discussion, or even can cause a real life fight.

Digital Health and awareness

Digital Health and Awareness mainly focuses on your physical and mental health in the online world. In the tech world, there are some cases where the online user can get poor eyesight, repetitive stress syndrome, and also sound problems. Many people don't realize how bad too much internet can be for a person. Adding onto those problems, tech can also affect your mental state when there is such a case like cyber bullying. Because of this problem there has been many suicide victims because of how many online users attacked that single person.

Digital security

Digital Security is where there must be electronic precautions to guarantee safety. We are raised as children to never interact with someone we don't know. This goes for the online world as well. Though many people neglect this rule and this gets them into serious trouble. We have rules for the web that is meant for one thing and for one thing only, for our safety. There is a reason as to why we always have to have a password or a private account and that's because we want our privacy and some people just don't respect that and that's when hacking comes into play. Hacking is probably the biggest threat to digital security being that it damages a person by leaking out things they never wanted to show the world.

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