World War 2 By: MAci Brown

Hilter broke th Munich Agreement an invaded Poland and the war began.

  • Adolf Hitler was leader of Germany
  • He said he would bring Germany out of the Depression so follow him
  • Invaded Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Britain
Adolf Hitler
  • Leader of Italy
  • He said only he can restore order and he was given power
  • He invaded Ethiopia and Albania

  • Leader of Spain
  • He was stationed in Spain and got promoted a lot and soon got full control
  • He helped Mussolini
Joseph Stalin
  • Leader of the Soviet Union
  • He was chosen General of Secretary of the Communist Party used his power and took control
  • Formed alliances with Germanyand hoped to keep Hitler from invading them
  • Invaded Poland with Germany
Hideki Tojo
  • Prime Minister of Japan
  • Emperor lost power and he took control
  • Invaded China
  • America tried to stay out of the war because of World War 1
  • Hoped War could be avoided

With all of the invasions towards the world's nation will other countries try to stop it?

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