Halloween spooks By emily f

The kids were tired, scared, and nervous to go in the room with the watch chain ticking loudly right outside the door.

There were too many things that made them want to leave: first, the raspy laugh; second, the dark rooms; and third, the spooky people.

The tall, brave kid pushed by to go inside.

Yes, it was as scary as they thought.

Behind the door in the room, there was a deserted farm house scene.

Moving slowly, the kids walked through the room.

The character, after waiting for them to get closer, jumped out and scared the kids.

"Watch your back, kids, I'm not the only one here!"

The haunted house, the scariest in town, was just as spooky as they expected.

"Over here," said a girl, "there's a door!"

The door was old, or maybe just looked that way.

The kids, who were scared out of their skin, ran right through.

The haunted house was only open on October 31, in their city.

This was a perfect time for everyone in Pulaski, Wisconsin, to get scared.

Dear anyone in here, get out and don't come back!

As the kids ran from the final scare inside, the characters were laughing at their success.


Created with images by *~Dawn~* - "HOWL" • visual.dichotomy - "Pocketwatch" • terimakasih0 - "light lamp picture" • r.nial.bradshaw - "doorway-open-light.jpg" • katinalynn - "Chandelier" • Outpost 51 - "Abandoned Nursing Home" • Luke Hayfield Photography - "Out of Sight" • juliaklarman - "Danger" • cocoparisienne - "ruin window decay" • NikolaR - "door old door church" • thomashendele - "door pforphoto urban exploration" • r.nial.bradshaw - "800 - doorway" • SplitShire - "tree silhouette mysterious" • geralt - "forest face fog" • melodiustenor - "sign forbidden rules" • makeshiftlove - "chandelier"

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