Rhythm and Resistance Jade sharratt

To resist means to refuse to comply to the social norms. Resistance is important because if we didn't resist then we would all have to be confined and stuck doing what we are told without any say. There are many ways to show resistance poetry is one of them poetry can show resistance by describing a situation and talking about why it's not ok I wrote poems about topics that are not the most pleasant but they show resistance by describing things that are not ok.

These poems show that it's not ok to ignore situations that are life threatening and aren't helpful in any way. For example from my poem “What He Did” it says “ I am in control” “I am trapped” this shows that one person is controlling the other. That is not acceptable.

As a poet I hope to inspire people to be themselves and report anything that they think is abuse or feel unsure about. My poetry is meant to inspire and help people learn about situations that can be and are harmful to themselves or others.

Battle scars

These scars are everywhere

These scars are beautiful

These scars criss cross and twist

They are raised high like mountains

They go as low as valleys

They dance and sway with every move you make

The beauty of them entrances people and draws them to your overall elegance

You are a strong powerful individual so act like one

Those scars are battle scars they don’t define you so keep your head up because

You are worth it.

What he did

I am a father

I am a daughter

I am a father who lusts after my daughter

I am a daughter who respects and trusts my dad

Then one day i snapped

Then one day he touched me

I love the feeling of her body

I didn't like the places he was touching

Then i heard the door knob jiggle

Then i heard the door knob turn

I sprang away from my daughter

His touch left my body

I washed my face and acted collected

He acted calm

Hi honey

He greeted my mom

How was your day

He asks her about her day

I am thinking about my daughter's gorgeous body

He seems distracted

I am gonna head to bed goodnight my precious girls

He heads to his room and i go to mine

I sneek into my daughter's room

He whispers in my ear

I love you

He grabs my chest and i try to call out.

Be quiet nobody needs to know

I silently cry

I hear my wife coming

I hear my mom near my door

Sweet dreams honey

He kisses me on my lips

I leave her room and go to sleep

He finally leaves me alone in blissful guilt

I go into her room

I hear my door open

I am taking you to your Aunts

I reply with ok

I tell her not to tell anybody

My body shudders with agonizing pain

We have arrived

I smile with glee

Remember Not A Word

I promise

I leave and head home

He finally leaves

I hope she will heed my warning

I try to tell my aunt but she doesn’t listen

It's been three days time to go get my precious stone

My dad shows up and i suddenly am filled with fear

I take her home and have fun with her

He tortures me and i cry

Its her fault He says it’s my fault

She is mine forever

Nobody will help me.

I am in control

I am trapped

I am a father

I am a daughter.

no means no

This is not right

Hey i am here notice me

I am in pain

Nobody notices

I'm being handled wrong

This child is too young

His steps are faltering

Where is his family

Nobody cares

I'm suffering too

Booming bouncing banging

Running rapidly racing

He is thrown sideways

His hold on me dissapears and i know that he is gone

It's been hours where is someone

I don't want to die too

Someone is here

I am picked up and my innards are fired

I am refilled and feel complete

All's fair in love and war they say

But there is no love here

And it's not fair either

Created By
Jadee Sharratt


Created with images by Unsplash - "northern lights sky night"

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