Love is a Gravel Road By:Kenzie Riley

Standing outside of love is a great thing when you have it.Will I finally get it when it comes it is great thing to have it changes your life and it is awesome.It can have a change to it and it changes your life.It has love with it and it is awesome.When you think of love you have a great thing that has to come into love.

When you think of love it is something that can change your life around it is great and it has a great thing that has to do with love.It is such a great thing to have it would be awesome to have in life.There is a great thing with having in your life.So when you are in love think of it awesome to have.

When you have love you think of something awesome to have.Love is a great thing to have.So when you have love you will be so happy and glad that you have it in your life.So love is not just something it is everything.If you think of it is important to have.You could have it all your life if you let it show.Love is always a place and a peaceful place to have in life.

In life its great with love.It may be bumpy like a gravel road but it is something that will always be remembered in life it is great to have.So when you think of love you think of love I think of red,and pink because of Valtines day it is awesome to have.So when you think of it is so happy and glad to have.Sou you can always have a great thing with love.


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