Mayday, Mayday! By scott gibbArd

"Mayday, Mayday"


The sun was just over the horizon. The bright orange glare shined in my eyes. Half of the sky was orange and the other half was dark gray, like the scary scene of some movies.

“Mom, why do my ears pop?” I yelled over the screaming jets of the light airplane on the way to Russia with my mom and my uncle.

“I don't know, you should look it up when we land,” my mom said sweetly.

“Why don’t you look it up?” I said bitterly.

"Please don't use the tone," my mom softly whispered.

"Shut up!" I yelled.

My mom didn't respond. She had long silky blonde hair and light blue eyes. I had short brown hair and dark brown eyes. I was 14.

Crack! I jumped up. The sound of lightning rang throughout the cabin.

"That was close! The lightning bolt was less than five feet away from hitting that plane,” my uncle exclaimed.

"Oh, stop it," I said, "It was not that close, stop trying to scare us."

"This is actually dangerous," my uncle explained, "We have to land at the nearest airport which is 750 miles away.”

I rolled my eyes.

Crack! Crack!

“The tail of the plane is cracking,” my uncle said worriedly.

"Why did you have to take us on this stupid trip?” I asked.

"You wanted to," my mom said.

"You wanted to," I mimicked my mom.

The plane started spinning.

The tail whipped around the plane, like a rope spinning with us as the pivot point. "Mayday, Mayday!" my uncle screamed into the microphone. The plane was a really fast teacup at an amusement park, throwing me back into my seat. I tried to fight centripetal force, which was throwing me back into my seat. I couldn't get up.

Crash! Splash!

My head slowly submerged in the salty ocean water. I gagged. I swam over to the window. I kicked. Nothing happened.

I grabbed a metal bar and whacked it against the window as hard as I could. It shattered. I kicked my feet against the seat and propelled myself out of the sunken aircraft.

“Oh, no,” I thought, “mom is still in there.” I swam back in and found my mother gasping and trying to unclip her seat belt.

She let out a long breath and then stopped struggling. I unclipped her seatbelt and grabbed her feet. I yanked her out and struggled to the surface.

There was an island several yards away. It had vivid green trees and bright white sand. I paddled until I could crawl onto the rough sand, it felt like crawling onto sandpaper. It smelled like a big aquarium. I could taste the salt on my tongue. You could hear the ocean waves going back and forth. The dark gray clouds covered the sun and sky completely.

“Mom wake up!” I yelled. I pressed down on her chest, trying to perform CPR. A gulping sound came from her mouth and water rushed out of of her mouth. There was still no response. I kneeled down.

I need you mom! I thought.

"All of a sudden, I got dizzy. Crash! I fell over.

“Ahhhh,” I said while stretching.

“This isn't a dream,” I thought, “I need to be tough.” I forced my tears back. I rubbed my forehead. It stung. I looked at my hands. They were covered in blood. “I need a fire, I am freezing and I need to warm up my mom.”

“She’s dead,” I thought, “No she’s not!” I got up. I was surrounded by white sand, In front of me there was a green forest and behind me was the Pacific Ocean.

I went into the forest and took dry leaves, twigs and different sized branches. I placed them about two feet away from my mom and made a teepee.

I took my iPhone out, grabbed the ends and thrusted it over my knee repeatedly until it broke in half, without hesitation. It started smoking and I tossed it under into teepee, like a smoke bomb.

I blew slowly and within minutes the teepee bursted into flames.

I turned my head. My mom was laying lifelessly on the sand, she was very pale. Tears started trailing from my eyes. I crawled over to her.

“I can’t believe I was such a jerk to her,” I thought, “the last thing I did was mimic her.” I kneeled down.

If she didn’t wake up I would have to go to an orphanage, I thought, Dad died from brain cancer a few years ago. My stomach rumbled. I got up and walked around. I found two hermit crabs.

I brought them over, put them down and slammed my foot down. There was a faint cry. I took one of the sticks from the extra pile that I had made earlier. I peeled the shell and pierced the stick through the stick and put them into the fire.

When they looked ready I took them off. I gagged. I closed my eyes and ate. They smelled like a raw fish and tasted like crunchy chicken, crusted with dirt. I put the other one aside for my mom. I laid against my her and fell asleep.

Grrrrr. I jumped up. It was really early in the morning. There was a very faint orange glow coming from behind the trees. There was a rush of wind that reignited the fire. I looked around. There was a large black shadow, it looked like a gorilla. It slowly trudged forward. I could now make out what it was.

It was a big, angry black bear. I backed up, slowly. It darted forward. It lifted its claws up. It was standing right in front of her.

“Nooooo!” I yelled while diving forward. The bear galloped away. I looked down. Her shirt was ripped and there were four claw marks in her chest. Blood slowly trailed from her chest. I took of my jacket and placed it on her chest and pushed down. A placed my head on her chest. There was no heartbeat.

“NOOOOO!” I yelled. It echoed through throughout the island. Honk! Honkkkk! It was the sound of a boat. I sprinted. I halted and there was a ginormous Russian Coast Guard ship.

“Stop, stop!” I squealed, now losing my voice. I ran after it.

“Stop, stop, stop!” I squealed. Nothing happened. All of a sudden it started making a slight turn towards the shore, two anchors plunged into the water. It was the size of a yacht. A short man and a woman threw down rope ladders from the boat. They both climbed down.

"Ты говоришь по-английски?" I asked which meant, do you speak English?

"Yes, we do. My name is Marie, this is Steven,” the lady said, “what happened?”

“Our plane crashed I have been here for a couple of days,” I replied, “my uncle is dead, my mom is over there.”

“Is she alive?” the woman asked.

“She's dead,” I responded.

I started walking. Finally we made it.

“Where is she?” the Russian man asked. The jacket was thrown onto the floor and the fire was put out. I looked around and there was a trial of blood. I turned to look at the ocean. I walked into the forest. Some thing grabbed my leg.

“Help!” I yelled. I looked down and it was my mom.

“Mom!” I said with joy, “I thought you were dead.”


“Your clear to go,” the doctor said, “make sure to get plenty of rest.”

“Okay,” my mother said. We both walked out of the hospital and went home.

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