PIllow Pockets Owner Colleen Dunn

Well I was just thinking at the table then i thought about the pillow pocket.I always get tired of losing my phone or remote in the couch. Then I have to take all the pillows off to find it ,so I thought I should make a pillow to store stuff in on your bed or couch.

My grandfather and parents because my grandfather was an entrepreneur and owned his own business. My parents helped me think of the pillow pocket and other ideas.

My parents have always been there for me. They also taught me to do what is right. I also have a brother that always can help me think of ideas. My dog is there to support me throughout my everyday life. My family always encouraged me to go above and beyond.

I love math. I also love to sing and act. I could act in my commercial and that could help with my business. I also love dogs I have one myself. I love being able to come home and spend time with my dog.

I think that my typical customer will be teens and parents. Because the parents want to buy them for there kids so they will not mess up the couch or the bed. Teens will want it so they do not have to worry about buying a new remote if they lose it, but also it is fashionable and gives you easy access to your things in a quick amount of time. Because the teens do not need to spend all their time looking for something little.

Because my business you can design your own pillow and make it customized to fit you and your style. They also can get a deal where you get a pillow pocket that you sleep on that holds your phone, and you get the pillow pocket to hold your remote and other items.

Our company mission is that I want my person to feel less stressed and be relaxed. I am making it for teens and parents because it will help them out during the day and not get stressed about finding things in the couch or bed.

8. The cost of my business will be about 13 to 15 dollars per pillow. They could be picked up or shipped to their house. It took us about 2 to 3 hours to make our product. Shipping cost will be added but will be about 2 to 5 percent. To get my business started is about 20 to 30 dollars.

9. I will help by donating to Petsmart charity. Every purchase we get they will be asked if they would like to donate anything. Also a part of the shipping cost will go to the animals. If you donate to the charity will will send you a free gift. We will donate some beds to the animals for every 5 purchases we get. Also for every $10 we get from donations we will send some more beds.

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