The Physics for Mission Space James Ciccone

This ride is a simulator of a mission of four astronauts who will journey themselves to Mars. Each astronaut is given a specific function on the ride and is held to complete the function they are given. The four astronauts are the navigator, the engineer, the commander, and of course the pilot.

During this ride you blast off from earth and head towards the moon. The shuttle takes off and gets into orbit in around 25 seconds. It takes the space shuttle around 8 minutes to do the same thing by comparison. This means our shuttle is going around 6 Gs. We then make it around the moon in 6 seconds which means we are going 40,000 miles per hour which is roughly around 1/5ths the speed of light. We are then put into hyper sleep and the trip to Mars takes 3 months. We then start our decent and finally land on Mars almost crashing.

This simulator makes you feel weightless and the physics behind this is very simple

First, You are sitting in a large centrafuge. To create the take off sequence they spin you very fast. You see these kinds of rides at carnivals sometimes. To create the sensation of weightlessness they stop the spinning and turn your cabin a certain angle so that feel weightless.

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