Manage & Organize less Stress. More Time.

By: Isaiah Griffith, Caleb Lynn, Isaac Brown, & Jessica Manrique

  1. Problem
  2. Survey
  3. Strategy & Solution
  4. Personal Calendar
  5. Note Taking Strategy
  6. Writing Tips
  7. Studying Tools
  8. Liberty Resources
  9. Evaluation
  10. Conclusion
Student’s in college struggle with managing their time because of disorganization which many times results in poor academics, failing relationships, and stunted spiritual life.


  • 45 People surveyed
  • Multiple majors
  • 59% Male
  • 40% Female

Of the 45 candidates, 6 people were under a 2.5 GPA (bottom 10%) and 2 of those were under a 2.0 GPA.

47% of the candidate’s say they set aside time to study every day

65% of candidates said when they do study they study in the evening compared to morning or afternoon.

Only 1% of the candidates go to sleep before 10 PM and over 64% of the candidates said they go to sleep after 12AM.

Each of the members of the bottom 10% in GPA received on average between 4-6 hours a sleep per night.

40% of the candidates said they do not use a planner of any kind.

80% of candidates said they prefer hand written notes compared to 20% preferring typed notes.


Our proposed solution is to help develop a survey to verify the problem and from here develop a presentation with organizational tools and habits to help 4 specific students in need to manage their time well through organization so that their academics, their social life, and spiritual life do not suffer but instead find growth.
Personal Calendar

There are several ways to conduct the calendar:

For handwriting: Use the Calendar for Events/Social Life and weekly planner for all homework assignments, work-oriented reminders, and required events.

Note Taking


  • If you are a visual and hands on note taker, you are probably a kinesthetic or a visual learner.
  • There are several ways to take notes that will benefit the way you learn and process information best.

REMINDERS: Use the Reminder App & Notes Pad on your phone!

Writing Tips
  • Zotero: For citation and Bibliography
Studying Tools
  • Quizlet
  • Personal Copy Paper/Index Cards studying
  • What are your studying habits?
Liberty University Resources
  1. Writing Center
  2. Tutoring Services
  3. CASAS
  4. Academic Calendar
  5. JF Library
  6. Microsoft Office 365
  7. Prayer Requests: We are also here for you for any prayer requests! Also, we want you to know this is available for anyone and for you.

Final Results of 4 Participants

  • 50% Male (2) 50% (2) Females
  • Each make up the bottom 10% in GPA
  • Each of the 4 participants expressed a reduction in stress.
  • Each of the 4 participants recognized the importance of a weekly planner and plan on continuing the use of these planners/ study tools in the near future.

3 out of the 4 participants prefer hand written planners/ notes compared to the electronic planner/ notes however, the one individual who is currently using the electronic planner/ notes originally considered hand written planners/ notes as their primary preference.

All participants experienced a drastic reduction in late/unfinished work.

Each of the 4 participants continued previous sleep patterns.

All 4 participants felt learning Zotero was the most impactful software learned.



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