Birmingham Riot of 1963 tyler Jones

The Birmingham Riot of 1963 was a civil disorder in Birmingham, Alabama, that was provoked by several bombings on may 11, 1963. These bombings targeted black leaders of the Birmingham campaign, that was a big protest for racial injustice. Martin Luther King jr.

The victims were the people of the Birmingham Campaign, like Martin Luther King Jr., A.D King, and A.D. Gaston. The Ku Klux Klan was most likely involved with the bombings. KKK members in Birmingham had used bombings against civil rights leaders and blacks who started to move into good neighborhoods.

Ku Klux Klan

The obstacles were the bombings because they injured many people protesting in the campaign trying to fight for civil rights. after the bombings there was another big riot in Birmingham because the police didn't get involved and just waived it by and thought nothing of it.

The outcome of this was that they wanted civil rights and wanted to end segregation, have equal rights.

My modern event is equal rights movement and people should have the same rights and compared to the Birmingham Campaign and riots they wanted civil rights. They both go on riots and movements and want civil rights.

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