Proverbs 1 & 31 and Ecclesiastes 1 made by jimin hwang

Proverbs 1

This chapter talks about how consequences will appear once done something sinful. When I read this, it made me to agree on having all these bad results when sinning.

Proverbs 31

This chapter talks about King Lemuel's mother speaking to him about certain rules she wants to him to be aware of, for an example, not to drink too much wine or beer or any sort of alcohol. Only people in desperate needs whom he or she wants to forget their miserable lives may only drink.

Ecclesiastes 1

Ecclesiastes (who he claims that he too was a king in Jerusalem) says that everything that happens over and over and over, like the sun going up in the mornings and down in the afternoons, winds continuously circling the earth and water gliding through the rivers. They all seems to repeat itself again and again, and that we don't pay attention to it. But the things that happen only once, we remember it forever.

Final thought

All of these words are true, the fact that when I do something wrong, God punishes me by having me to go through something bad. All of these are TRUE. I realized that even the little things, like the sun rising and descending that I don't even care about, God has done those to me! Amazing God!


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Ji Min Hwang


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