Kentucky by: Bryson Newcomb and Sarah Russell

Did you know Kentucky was the 15th state to join the U.S? Some of the nicknames Kentucky had were Dark and Bloody Ground and the Bluegrass State. Kentucky got the nickname Dark and Bloody Ground because settlers fought over ground. Kentucky also got the nickname Bluegrass State because the grass has a bluish tint. The motto of Kentucky is "United we stand, divided we fall."

The state of Kentucky is located east-central United States. the overall average temperature is 55 degrease Fahrenheit. The average summer temperature is 75 degrease Fahrenheit. In winter the average temperature is 36 degrease Fahrenheit.

The population of Kentucky is 4,395,295 people. Most of the population descended from the Cherokee, Shawnee, and Creek Native American Tribes. Daniel Boone discovered Kentucky in 1767. Some of the entertainment places are Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, Mammoth Cave National Park, Abraham Lincoln's Birthplace, and Cumberland Falls.

The state tree is the tulip poplar, the state flower is the goldenrod. The state horse is the thoroughbred, the state bird us the cardinal. The state wild animal is the gray squirrel, the state fish is the bass, the state butterfly is the Viceroy. The state rock is agate, the state fossil is brachiopod. The state gemstone is the freshwater pearl.

The states that border Kentucky to the north are Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. The states that border Kentucky to the east are West Virginia, and Virginia. The state that borders Kentucky to the south is Tennessee. The state that borders Kentucky to the west is Missouri.

The photo grid shows Cumberland Falls, North America, a Cardinal, the tulip poplar, and the thoroughbred.

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