Dinner Strategies That Work 4 tips to get dinner on the table fast

Gone are the days my husband and I took our time and painstakingly prepared “Blue Apron" type meals from scratch. We even had the audacity to make sour dough in a bread maker and slow boil sweet tea on the stove with mint. Now that kids are in the picture, all of that stuff is out the window. We had to “Get Real.” Our kids can’t even wait for the food to cool before they are informing us of their agonizing hunger pains that started a few minutes before.

Before and After
In order to satisfy everyone, I had to come up with a strategy or else we would be eating Chick-Fil-A five out of seven nights a week.

After a lot of trial and error, here is some of my best advice for making weeknight meals happen:

It’s My Famous Stew That Makes an Appearance Several Week Nights!

1. Slow cook meals. I use my slow cooker a lot because many slow cooker meals require almost zero prep. You basically throw all the ingredients in the pot without chopping or sautéing anything. Sometimes, though, crock pot meals can smell amazing but taste bland. Don’t be afraid to add more seasonings to get full flavor.

The Art of Reinvention

2. Reinvent meals. I can make old chicken seem new and sometimes my family doesn’t even notice. If I cook eight chicken breasts, for example, I can make chicken breasts one night, chicken sliders the next night, and chicken fajitas the third night. There are endless possibilities when reinventing.

My Mom’s Old Pressure Cooker
Newer pressure cookers aren’t like your mom’s old pressure cookers. They are new and improved and get results in a pinch!

3. Use A Pressure Cooker. Newer pressure cookers aren’t like your mom’s old pressure cookers. They are new and improved and get results in a pinch! Instead of cooking low and slow all day, a pressure cooker cooks at high pressure at the end of the day. I have found that it even helps to compress dinner prep time too. I use my pressure cooker once a week to make ribs or a roast in under thirty minutes. I cook the kinds of things that would normally braise for hours. And best of all, if I forget to take the meat out of the freezer, the pressure cooker can cook the meat frozen - but you will have to add about 15 more minutes of cooking time.

Bite the Bullet

4. Bite the Bullet and Eat Out. Let’s face it, sometimes the best laid plans fail but please don't feel guilty. Sometimes after working all day and sitting through cheer leading or soccer practice, there just isn’t any time left. The best strategy in this situation is to make good choses when selecting your restaurant and your meal. Try to choose something you would normally make at home and enjoy the time out of the kitchen.

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