Buoyancy & My boat by maya bar oz

  • buoyancy -Buoyancy is the ability to float. When we throw or put something in water and it floats, the gravity pushes down the object, but the buoyant force pushes it back up and then it floats. Now, if there is a more dense object the object with the highest density will sink. Density is the amount of matter inside a given place. Buoyancy is important because if someone makes a boat he wants the boat to float and if the boat will sink the people will die. There is positive buoyancy, negative buoyancy and neutral buoyancy. If there is negative buoyancy, it will sink (when the object goes down). If there is positive buoyancy, the object will float. Neutral buoyancy is when the object floats, but not on the level water. It is possible that 2 or more things have the same volume, but not all of them will float, because maybe each object has a different density. We know that water has a density of 1g/ml, so if for example an object has a density more than 1g/ml, it will sink. If the object has a density of 0.5g/ml, the object will float. All the boats must have stability because if no the boat start to move left right up down and then the people can fall. If people. I made the boat stable. What do I mean? Everything I put on one side, I put on the other side. I checked that there aren’t holes in the boat because if there are holes the water can flow inside the boat and then the boat can sink with the water in it. Buoyancy and stability are very important if we want to design a boat!

My boat - Maya

pictures of the boat - "Tinkercad" and "Cura"

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