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Professors and Scientists Dr. David Hewitt, Dr. Randy DeYoung and Dr. Aaron Foley have been keeping track of a deadly disease affecting the White Tailed Mule Deer, Elk and other species of deer in certain parts of the country. Now they are tracking the spread of the disease in certain parts of Texas and warn hunters to be careful when handling dead deer carcasses to avoid further spreading of the disease. Watch the video above to learn more about this disease.

Congratulations to the new Miss Tamuk, Kelly Jifon. Kelly is a graduate student studying industrial management. Congrats Kelly!

In observance of sexual assault awareness month members of Javelina Nation participated in the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes International Men’s March. Men marched in high-heeled shoes in an effort to bring awareness to rape, sexual assault and gender violence.

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1. Please explain what it is you do with the study abroad program.

Provide unique learning opportunities for our students. These opportunities include: research, internships, service learning, field trips, cultural exposures, and traditional in-class experiences. Political Science Global Programs can also incorporate TAMUK faculty and staff through “come-along” possibilities.

2. How closely are students chaperoned on study abroad trips?

Students have to follow TAMUK and Texas A&M University System guidelines. While students may not be chaperoned like school students, they are still closely guided. College study abroad students are adults and they are expected to behave like responsible adults when they go on foreign trips. We clearly explain those expectations through pre-trip orientation meetings.

3. Why do you think students will benefit from study abroad?

It adds distinctive dimensions to their TAMUK education. These dimensions expand their educational training and enhance their credentials, which then lead to better professional and career options.

4. What is your most favorite place you have visited while on a study abroad adventure?

Through Political Science Global Programs, we have developed learning opportunities for our students in Bhutan, Botswana, India, New Zealand, and South Africa. Each program is unique. However, the New Zealand Program is perhaps the most expansive and multi-dimensional. I am in the process of expanding that Program to the greater South Pacific Region by working with the University of Otago, our partner institution in New Zealand. Over the next few years, our students are likely to have wider learning choices in more countries in the South Pacific, if all goes well!

Join the Office of Sustainability for Earth Week 2017. See the Calendar below for more information on all the exciting events for the week!

The statue is of Jose de Escandon – known in historical circles as The Father of South Texas — whom the Spanish crown sent to settle what is now Northern Mexico and South Texas. His origin dates back to the 18th century when South Texas was a province of New Spain known as Nuevo Santander. He was known as The Count of Sierra Gorda. Click the link below for more information. This series of videos is a collaborative effort between Texas A&M-Kingsville, the Tejano Civil Rights Museum and the Corpus Christi Caller Times.

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