Play, Louis, Play Jack HuNsinger


There are two different settings in Play, Louis, Play! One is in New Orleans. The other is in a Colored Waif's Home.


There are several characters in Play, Louis, Play! They are Louis, his horn, his mom, his uncle and his eight kids.


The plot of the story is of a boy named Louis that loves the sound of a horn. He really wants a horn, but his mom doesn't have enough money to buy it. So, Louis starts making some money to buy the horn. Loiuis gets caught shooting blanks out of his uncle's hand gun. Louis goes to a Color Waif's Home. While he is there, Loius gets a chance to play the horn he has always wanted to play.


In Play, Louis, Play! Louis loves to hear the sound of the horn in the New Orleans bands. The problem is Louis had never been able to play the horn.


When Louis was sent to the Waif's home, he had the chance to play the horn. This solved the problem Louis had of always wanting to play the horn.

Favorite Part

My favorite part in the book was when he finally got the chance of playing a horn. I also liked the part when gave all his money to his mom for a family members birthday.

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