School Return September 2020

We can't wait to welcome you back to school in September.

There will be some changes for you to look out for.

It is the expectation of Welsh Government that ALL children return to school in September

We will still need to Social Distance on the playground at "Drop off" and "Pick up" times.

We will be staggering the start times to help us achieve this

Please follow the one way system

Please remember to put sun cream on if the weather is good. Please remember a hat too!

Apart from lunch boxes - no other bags are to be brought into school.

You can bring your lunchbox in a carrier bag to hang on your peg.

A snack of fresh fruit or vegetables can be brought in daily. School will not be providing a snack this year.

Hot lunches will be available. Please make sure your child's account is topped up with credit.

Children will be placed in Bubbles

When in Bubbles there will be no need for the children to social distance.

Teachers will still need to socially distance

Our Bubbles:

Silver and Red Class = 1 Bubble

Yellow and Gold Class = 1 Bubble

Blue Class = 1 Bubble

Purple Class = 1 Bubble

PE Kit can be worn to school on the days they have PE. This will be shared with you in September.

If your child needs medication during the day - please hand to your child's teacher on day 1. please make sure you complete a medication form. We cannot give medication without it

No toys or equipment can be brought in from home. We will supply every child with their own individual equipment to use in school.

School uniform is to be worn in September

We will be staggering our playtimes and lunchtimes to ensure Bubbles do not mix.

We will regularly wash hands throughout the day

At home you may want to apply hand cream to make sure your child's hands are moisturised.

We will have Hand Sanitizer in school and in some cases we may use this. Our main way of keeping our hands clean will be using Soap and Water!

Please bring a filled water bottle to school everyday

We wont be able to use the water fountain but we can refill by using the taps.

Water bottles must be taken home every day to be washed.

There will be staggered starts and staggered finishes

Silver and Red Class - 8:40am - 3:15 pm

Blue and Purple Class - 8:55am - 3:30pm

Base Classes TBC

Siblings in different areas of the school Silver/Red Class and Blue /Purple Class come at the earliest sibling time and leave at the latest sibling time

We will be sharing more information as and when we receive new guidance


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