Year 5 Spring 2

Welcome to Spring Term 2

Work will continue to be set on Purple Mash.

You will find the weekly timetable both on Purple Mash as a 2Do and on our Federation website under the heading 'Remote Learning'.

Our daily blog will be live from 10 - 10.15 Monday to Friday so join us to do a daily challenge with your friends and teachers! We also have help pages on the blog that you can use to support each other with your work - staff will be checking these regularly too.

There are daily story videos for you to listen to that you can find on our timetable - this half term we are reading 'Cosmic' by Frank Cottrell-Boyce!

Our Covid - safe rules for when we are in school in school:

In science, the Inquisitive Me will develop curiosity, questioning and problem solving by:

-describing the movement of Earth in our solar system in relation to the Sun

-describing the movement and phases of the moon

-reporting findings from enquiries, writing up explanations of results, presenting findings in a range of ways and using appropriate apparatus to conduct investigations

In maths, the Inquisitive Me will develop reasoning and problem solving through:

-adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions

-using common denominators to simplify fractions

-recognising the percent symbol and writing percentages as fractions out of 100 and as a decimal

-reading, writing and ordering numbers with up to 3 decimal places

In computing, the Inquisitive Me will develop our curiosity and problem solving by:

-designing a game

-writing the programming for and debugging the game

-testing the game and then evaluating it

In English, the Independent Me will develop our imagination and creativity by:

-reading and discussing our book ‘The Darkest Dark’ by Chris Hadfield.

-writing a formal biography of Chris Hadfield using the Gateway, Mastery and Feature Keys below:

Spring 2 writing Pathways keys
Our vocabulary focus this term
In geography, the Independent Me will develop our confidence in understanding the world we live in as we:

-Learn about longitude and latitude, time zones, hemispheres and how day and night is created by the Earth’s rotation.

In history, the Independent Me will develop imagination as we delve into the past to:

-Sequence events of the ‘Space Race’ into a timeline

-Investigate the effect of propaganda on evidence and popular conspiracy theories

-Describe the effects of rapid changes in technology in the 60’s and the cultural impact felt today

In music, the Creative Me will develop interpretation as we:

-sing Fresh Prince of Bel Air by Will Smith

In art, the Creative Me will develop exploration and interpretation by:

-appraising Peter Thorpe’s space art and using it to inspire our own expressionist work with acrylics


-using decoupage to decorate junk-modelled space craft

In drama, the Creative Me will develop our interpretation and communication as we:

-go into role as a character from the book ‘The Darkest Dark’ to answer and ask questions

-create freeze-frames of events from the book and consider what characters might think, feel and say

In PE, the Healthy Me will develop our physical fitness and resilience through:

-taking part in 'sports hall athletics' and PE with Mr B challenges

In RE, the Healthy Me will develop our spirituality as we:

-explore the theme of ‘salvation’ through the concepts and stories of sacrifice and resurrection in the Bible

-discuss what Jesus did to 'save' human beings

-Weigh up the value and impact of ideas of sacrifice in our own lives and the world today

Through British Values, we will develop respect and consideration as we:

-vote on class rewards and explore the importance of having a voice in society

-follow the Academy Golden Rules and discuss why laws are important in society

-form and share my own opinions on weekly topical issues

-develop respect and tolerance of others and their beliefs through discussions in RE

Through Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural learning, I will develop consideration as we:

-reflect on what sacrifice means to me in the build-up to Easter

-discuss moral impact if moon landings were faked

-explore how our culture has been influenced by the technical advancements from the space race

The responsibility aspect of the This Is Me will be developed as we:

-explore what the academy Christian Value of RESPONSIBILITY means to us, how we can show responsibility, how being responsible applies to individuals and groups

  • answer the BIG question: How do people in school show responsibility?

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Created with images by Mathew Schwartz - "Camping with a clear sky in Allegheny National Forest, the milkyway was really obvious as soon we started shooting. Light pollution makes such a difference." • NASA - "Moon crater close-up"