Covenants in the old testament By: mishal kamran

Part One: Leviticus 26:11-13 Rewards for Obedience

Moses and the Israelites escaping Egypt

Journal Entry from an Israelite that has escaped Egypt, by Mishal K.

We had just escaped Egypt from the hands of Pharaoh and had reached Mt. Sinai. We were no longer slaves, but free men. We were free from the brutal lives we were living everyday. I did not have to carry bags of bricks on my back in the scorching sun for a living. Nor did any of us have to be punished and publicly humiliated when we were to tired and weak to work anymore. We went through a hard time and were just about giving up when Moses finally returned and God sent upon the Egyptians 10 plagues (Ex 7:14-11:9)We saw our sons being killed and our families enslaved but it was at this time that we had to show our true faith in god. Our patience had paid off and finally we were free, and we roamed for days in search of the promised land (Ex 14), until finally, came the red sea. And we approached it, terrified, as we did not know how we would cross it. And behind us we heard the army of Pharaoh and Moses parted the sea, so we could cross it. (Ex 14:21). When we reached Mt. Sinai, God made with us a covenant. An agreement that said that God would walk among us and be our lord and we would be his people. God had freed us from the chains of slavery and now we were his people and we would obey his every command and we would be rewarded if we did. We were rewarded for our patience and freed from Pharaoh and we are very grateful (Leviticus 26:11-13).


a character profile

Name: Moses

Year of Birth: 1393 BCE

Occupation: Prophet of God

Parents: Amram (father) Jochebed (mother)

Siblings: Aaron (brother) Miriam (sister)

Place of birth: Egypt

the story of moses and how he received the call of god/responded to it

early years

Moses was born in Egypt in the year 1393 BCE. At the time the Hebrew population was growing rapidly, so the Pharaoh enslaved them out of fear the they would overthrow him as the ruler of Egypt. He even went to the point of killing all of the male babies. So to save Moses, his mother made a basket and cast him into the river in the hopes that someone would find him. He was found and adopted by the daughter of Pharaoh. Moses was raised as an Egyptian in the palace of Pharaoh. (Ex 2:1-10)

Leaving Egypt

One day, Moses became angry at an Egyptian beating a Hebrew slave, so in attempt to stop him, he killed the Egyptian (Ex 2:12). When people found out about this, he feared for his life and fled to the lands of Midian. Here, he married a daughter of Jethro and agreed to tend his crops.

Receiving the call of god/ returning to Egypt

After many years, God spoke to Moses and ordered him to return to Egypt and free the Israelites. This was a test for Moses and it was at this time that he had to show his faith in God and answer to his call. Moses demonstrated his faith by returning to Israel despite being afraid of going. God sent his brother Aaron with him as a spokesperson. Moses and Aaron tried to persuade Pharaoh to free the Israelites but he would not let them. So God sent upon the Egyptians 10 devastating plagues. (Ex 11:10)

escaping Egypt

Moses then led the Israelites out of Egypt but Pharaoh followed with his army. They fled until they finally reached the red sea. Pharaoh's army was approaching from behind but Moses demonstrated his faith in god once again and parted the sea. The Israelites crossed but Pharaoh and his army was drowned. Moses and the Israelites were finally free.

reaching Mt. Sinai

After many days wandering in the desert, hungry, thirsty and tired, they finally reached Mt. Sinai where Moses was given the ten commandments.


Moses died on Mt. Nebo.

A map of Moses' travels and the journey of the Israelites

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