Impressionistic Charts Level 6-9

The impressionistic charts are a classic and integral part of the Montessori curriculum, carefully designed to support and illustrate concepts introduced in the first great lesson. Although the charts were originally drawn and colored by hand, ETC has used realistic photographs and graphics to add depth and realism to the charts. This material covers the first three chapters, usually presented at the lower elementary level. The charts can be purchased printed on sturdy 15 mil plastic and cut, or printed on cardstock.

Chapter 1: The Solar System

For the first chapter we have included charts 1-6 as beautiful full-page renditions. Each chart also comes with a detailed explanation of what the chart is meant to illustrate, and any other information relevant to the concept. Chapter one also includes 32 experiment task cards that further emphasize the concepts introduced in the impressionistic charts.

Chapter 2: Solar Power

Chapter 2 is covered in charts 7-16, with the same colorful, full-page format as chapter one, each including information about the chart and related concepts. Fourteen experiment task cards are also included for the students to explore, and each task card references the chart or charts they accompany so that the curriculum can be easily aligned.

Chapter 3: The Rotation of the Earth and its Consequences

Chapter 3 consists of charts 17-28, presented in the same full-page format with vibrant pictures and graphics. Each chart comes with a full-page explanation emphasizing the purpose of the chart and additional information that can be included in the presentation of each chart. Finally, there are four experiment task cards that the children can complete to explore the concepts presented.


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