Carving by Kamarie m

I chose this picture because their is a saying in my family that all you need is peace love and happiness to be successful. I wanted to show that saying in my carving so I searched it up. I searched peace love and happiness and it gave me this photo which I though illustrated it all in one picture.

When you were about to print you had to make sure that the size of the plastic was the right size and that the fill and everything was at the right number. After that you had to make it your own, I put my name to make t mine. At first I chose more of a cursive kind of text but it didn't work out as well as I thought it would, so we had to scratch that idea.

The machine had a little tool that made dots into the plastic plate and connected the dots, i noticed that they went over areas continuously. After it started carving we had to take pictures and w had to watch just in case it malfunctioned and messed up then we could fix it. After the carving was finished we had to vacuum up the extra plastic that the carvy carved and we had to clean the tool since it would be carving other people carvings the same day.

I love how my carving turned out and I think it looks cool. I am proud of how the pace sign turned out because I didn't think it would turn out well. I think that next time i won't put my last name because if I ever get married or somehow change my last name it won't make much sense in my family home. I think that the peace sign was the most fascinating because the process of how it carved, it put the tips of the fingers as dots and connected it then went over it a couple times. I enjoyed this project because after we finished we got our own customized carving for our own.

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Kamarie M

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