The Burning Sky Luke Wright


Maggie Murphy Ryan Capozzo Madeline Luke

Each of the interviewees were asked a series of questions as to their relationship to the burning sky ritual or "Fourth of July". They were also asked some personal questions that would help determine whether or not social factors can have an effect on their relationship to the holiday.

What is the fourth of July?

- Children marching in the fourth of July Parade -

"Its the fourth day in July... to celebrate the Independence of America!"

What does the fourth of July mean to you?

- Mother and son watching fireworks -
"It means spending time with family" - Ryan
"I just think it feels like summer" - Madeline
"Fireworks and food!" - Maggie

How do you celebrate the Fourth of July?

- Family photos from past celebrations -

"The fourth of July is like a weekend of my family on the 2nd and the 3rd we do fireworks and my friends lake house and they have a barbecue and barbecue is my favorite food on the actual fourth we go to see fireworks at my parents old high school because they put on a phenomenal show..." - Madeline

Who takes part in these celebrations with you?

- Spending time with those you love most -
"My family and friends - the people that I love most" - Madeline
"I usually don't celebrate very often so... Me and my dogs" - Ryan

What is your favorite part of the celebration?

- Fireworks and food -
"The fireworks and the food!!" - Maggie
- Summer fun -

"I dont know if I have one favorite... I love the food and I love the season... and I like the fireworks... and being by the water is really nice." - Madeline

Where do you take part in these celebrations?

- Summer home decorated for the Fourth -
"I like going to my friends houses" - Maggie
"We go to the lake" - Madeline
"I watch from the front door of my house with my dogs in my lap" - Ryan

What is your first memory of the Fourth of July?

"We were at my old house sitting on the stoop, and there were fireworks happening and we played with sparklers, it was really nice" - Ryan

"Tailgating at my grandmas house and then walking over to see the fireworks" - Madeline
"My cousin was born on the fourth" - Maggie


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