Weather and climates Weston m.

Weather is a type of thing that happens like for example thunder it's a type of weather and like mist.
And for a another example a huracane is a disaster.a disaster is when something like a flood,a tornado,a thunder storm that's what a disaster is.a huracane has something in the middle of it is called the eye.the eye of a huracane is the place we're all the air is but the sides of the huracane is water.
A sunny day is one of the most calmest weather but if you stare at the sun then you could probely not be able to see any more so don't stare at it.
A thunder storm is cinda the deadly weather on the rode but thought would have to go inside but it can start a fire but the solution to it is a lightning rod.
A tornado is a deadly weather it is a deadly weather because


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