The Influence of Indian Thought on Buddhist Teachings Reese Newman, Madison Smith, Whitney Pace

Ahimsa: "Do No Harm"

  • Not strictly followed (sacrificing animals)
  • Term originated before Buddha & derived from Pre-Vedic origins
  • Suffering= Cruel & unnecessary; life already hard enough
  • High ideal not easy to achieve
  • Compassionate people avoid causing suffering

The Soul and Karma

  • Buddha does not believe in the soul- believes in rebirth
  • Elements of a personality can be recombined and go from one lifetime to another
  • Believe in Karma and how it transitions from lifetimes
  • Good actions produce good effects


  • Samsara= the everyday world of change
  • it suggests decay and pain
  • Nirvana is the liberation from Samsara
  • Described as evoking joy but it is better described as being indescribable and beyond all psychological states
  • Buddha is said to have entered Nirvana at the time of his enlightement
  • Once a person has reached Nirvana, rebirth is finished
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