Maren Kaster Fashion agent


At JapanTKY, we are not only inspired by the latest fashion trends and city trips. We also take inspiration from the people who wear our clothes. Ultimately, we design our clothes for them. Therefore, we would like you to meet some of our muses.

Maren Kaster (53), fashion agent from Düsseldorf, Germany

Photography: Rik Balder / Studio Redlab

Maren is a mother of two grown-up children, Paulina (23) and Max (18). She lives in Düsseldorf with her husband Matthias and her 13-year-old Pointer dog. Together with Matthias, she runs fashion agency Kaster+Kaster. Their showroom is located in the fashion district in Düsseldorf.

After high school, Maren didn’t know what she wanted to study, so she decided to follow a sales training and she started as a showroom model for a fashion agency. She then started working at their back-office and after a while, she was given the change to start selling one collection herself. She liked that so much, that she decided to start her own company.

“You have to love what you do, otherwise you will be unhappy.”

“It’s 25 years ago since I started my own fashion agency called Brandbooks. I started with the Barbara Schwarzer collection and that is still one of the brands that we represent nowadays with Kaster & Kaster. After I remarried with Matthias, we decided that we would like to work together. So we started Kaster+Kaster modeagentur, that is now 10 years ago.”

Kaster+Kaster showroom Düsseldorf

“We have a showroom in the fashion district in Düsseldorf and we represent a number of brands including JapanTKY. We weren’t looking for another brand when we were contacted by JapanTKY, but the owner René was persistent in making an appointment to show us the collection. I fell in love with it right away when I saw the collection. The design is easy, clean and not complicated, the fabrics are very comfortable. I love to wear it myself, that’s why I sell it well.”

Who is your Muse?

“I don’t have a specific Muse. For me, my family is important and inspiration comes from everything. I see beauty in small things and I try to see something new every day. My motto is to always believe in yourself! Of course, not every day is equally fun, but I’m optimistic and my focus is on the bright side.”

“Turning 50 wasn’t so funny, but after 51 everything was fine.”

“The children are grown up and independent now, I can do what I want and I like that! You don’t have to be ashamed that you are looking forward to having more time for yourself. I love my job, I love working with my husband, I love sports - I play tennis 3 times a week – and I picked up a study again: social media management. What I learn can be applied in practice immediately at Kaster & Kaster."

Times are changing, certainly with social media. It asks for another kind of marketing and sales. It’s not pure business and sales anymore, it’s more about emotion, trust, truth and friendliness. People want to get to know you. So that’s what I try to do with our Instagram. You can follow us there to learn more about us!"

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