Portrait Photo Tips

NOTE: all photos in this SparkPage contain Tip #3: Avoid Flash in order to refrain from washing out the subject (Kayla).

Tip #1: Take Photos Outside - by taking the photo outside, the subject (Kayla) is able to stand out from the school surroundings.

The photo above also contains Tip #4: Lean Against a Wall which emphasizes the subject (Kayla) instead of the fact that she's just standing there.

Tip #2: Move Away from the Wall - there is distance between the subject (Kayla) and the distracting background.

The photo above also contains Tip #5: Use a Subject's Environment; the subject (Kayla) is in band, and photographing her in front of the band hall is capturing her in her natural environment, and helps the audience get a clearer idea of what she is like.

Tip #6: Near Windows - taking pictures near windows help utilize their natural light and highlight the subject (Kayla).


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