Tornados How do you know what each stage of a tornado does or do?

By Samantha Theis hour #1

Tornados killer storms and widespread destruction

This talks about how the EF4 and EF3 did over $40 million dollars of damage. They went through towns and caused over 17,000 deaths.

Tornados 2011 an unprecedented year

What this talks about how the EF3 in (1870) killed over 10 million people and as years went by in (200) the deaths started going down.


This talks about" 3-SEC GUSTS OF 65 TO 85 MPH. 63 percent of tornadoes are EF0 or EF1 are mostly the same"

"EF1 3-SEC GUSTS OF 86-110 MPH. Can push a shed of its founda- tion. EF0 and EF1 storms cause not that much than 5% of all tornado deaths".

".EF2 3-SEC GUSTS OF 111-135 MPH. Can destroy building walls and roofs".

".EF3 3-SEC GUSTS OF 136- 165 MPH. It is thicker funnels. Along with EF2, accounts for 35% of tornadoes and 30% of deaths"

EF4 3-SEC GUSTS OF 166-200 MPH. Only 2% of tornadoes reach EF4 or EF5.

"-EF5 3-SECOND GUSTS OF MORE than 200 MPH. With EF4, accounts for 65%'of deaths. Winds that fast can twist twenty- story buildings, most people don't see this kind of tornado".

YouTube (Watch the birth of a tornado)

If you want to learn more about tornados then go to.

What so tornados do and look like


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