Unite Me,Destroy Me and Fracture Me By: tahereh mafi; reviewed by:mayra cortes


Unite Me is a novel based on two stories in one book;Destroy Me and Fracture Me.Destroy Me is told by Warner who is in control of The Reestablishment with his dad as the Supreme Commander.He realizes that he loves Juliette but she escapes from his demand.She shoots him, injuring him for freedom.However, when Warner's dad comes back from his homeland he has different plans for Juliette such as to get her killed.However, in Fracture me,it is told by a different character, Adam's perspective.He also loves Juliette but when they go on war with her against the Reestablishment, she is taken who they believe was Warner after she escaped with them.

These three characters above represent Juilette,Adam and Warner whom both boys love and want to keep the same girl by their side.Below is a picture of a boy who represents each sector and whom are dying because of the lack of food and health service they are not provided with, next to him is a picture of a solider that represents the Reestablishment.

Personal Review

Overall the book was fantastic,there were a lot of flashback and love to it which was very interesting.Also,there were many series of books and it would leave me with my jaw open and I would want to read the next book.However,considering that Destroy me and Fracture me come from a different person's perspective it was easy to tell one character from another.I loved the book very much because its alike the hunger games with two boys who like one one girl and are rebelling against the capital.Which I would say fans of The Hunger Games would love this book too.It was cool that the author would characterize the characters by its action.Also, I loved the fact that the author would show and tell us how each character feels.Therefore if I would rate the book I would give it a 10 for being excellent.

Because in the it is our emotions that make us weak, not our actions -Warner from Destroy Me

Hope You Enjoy!!


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