A Day Spent at the Museum by: Franchesca Farris

Butterfly Rainforest

The Butterfly Rainforest is such an aesthetically pleasing addition to the Florida Museum of Natural History. Walking through the exhibit outdoors changes the normal atmosphere for museums. Seeing the butterflies and birds while walking through the exhibit was such a different experience. The design of the exhibit allows for constant flow of traffic and live interaction with the exhibit. The gallery exemplifies the habitat butterflies live in especially during these cold temperatures. Seeing the live butterflies is definitely different then seeing them preserved behind a glass. The Florida Museum of Natural History has so many interactive exhibits; it attracts more customers and more people are able to learn about their world. Being around so many people learning about the exhibits makes the experience of the museum even better.

Wicked Plants Exhibit

Leopold believes in the conservation of land, and this concept should be widespread. We use this planet as if we can replace the earth in 100 years, but unfortunately, we can not. This exhibits shows how plants can take over the earth. Usually plants can make life more abundant on this planet, but the way global warming is affecting the earth, plants are dying. Walking through the exhibit made me realize how important it is to appreciate the planet we live, and make an effort to take care of the earth. The museum allows for the visitors walk through the exhibit, watch a video about the exhibit, and see how the plants have deteriorated the different structures. After exiting the exhibit, I realized the importance to take care of our planet, and the smallest of things can help our earth.

Nature and the Human Spirit

From day to day, humans don't realize the importance of our lives, or how important history actually is. To many people's surprises, people don't know the history or don't actually believe that certain species of animals actually existed, which is a concept so dumbfounding. A museum can help us get a better understanding of our past ancestors, lives, and cultures. The beauty of a museum is being able to walk around through all the exhibits, and get lost in them, and learn by just walking by. One of the exhibits that stood out to me was one filled with the ocean. The ocean is such a mysterious creature that has so much power of over the human population. The mystery of the ocean is so vast that we don't know what the bottom of the ocean looks like. We have a limited amount of knowledge about what goes on in the ocean, but that is the beauty of mystery.


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