How to Make an Omelette The Story of one Collector's Obsession

This exhibition takes its title from Xavier Marcel Boulestin's 1937 recording for the Zonophone Company. On side one of the recording Marcel explains what an omelette is and what it is not and lays out the things that are necessary for creating a perfect omelette every time. On side two we cook along with Marcel and create our own omelette.

How to Make an Omelette tells the story of how and why I bought my first cookbook, 35 years ago and the interest that developed and led to the acquisitions that now make up my collection. The story is told in ten courses, each one complete in itself, but also linked to tell not just my story but a story of food as it is described and remembered in books and artefacts.

This exhibition features books, manuscripts artworks and documentary objects from each of our collections. If you'd like to see some of the items featured visit the Collections Page.

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