Goals -Tyler Foss

1.) Graduate with my Bachelors Degree in Interdisciplinary studies, focusing on Business Administration. (1yr)

UCF Graduation, depicts where I will be in about a year. Graduating with my Bachelors Degree.
This symbolizes the work that I takes to finish a degree. Lots of focus and long hours studying.

2.) Get a job in a Business related field, making enough money to save for a car to flip and sell for profit. (A little over a year)

Downtown Orlando, I can see myself securing a job working at a corporation in one of these buildings after I graduate.
Example of a car I could buy for cheap and use my knowledge of automobiles and mechanics to fix it up and sell it at a profit.

3.) Continue to buy and sell cars to make profit, and invest the money back into more cars until I am buying and selling multiple cars at a time. (2years)

I will be storing cars on in the lawn or wherever I can, while I build up profits to expand.
I will be spending countless hours at junk yards, searching through scrap cars to find parts to fix up whatever cars I am working on at the time.

4.) Get my Car Dealers License. (2years)

Example of an authorization to sell a certain brand of cars as a dealer.

5.) Open up a car lot to store, buy and sell vehicles. (4years)

The beginning stage of opening my own dealership, empty spots waiting to be filled by my cars.
After I have moved my cars in and purchased more inventory to sell, the lot should look like this.

6.) Continue to flip cars and save up money to expand my business, then open a shop where I can fix up the cars I buy for resale and also build race cars and customs. (5years)

Warehouse ready to be filled with car lifts, tools, and automobiles.
During the process of fixing up cars for resale and customizing.

7.) Open up another Car dealership location, and have a team in place to run them so that I can focus on running the business. (6years)

An example of the team I will hire to run day to day operations at my dealerships, in a meeting.
This is an analogy to depicts the focus I will need to have in order to obtain my goals and run a successful business.

8.) Build up enough wealth to be able to own a home, car, boat etc. (7years)

A home that would only be able to be attained by someone who is working hard and is very successful at what they do.
One of the many toys I would love to have once I have had some monetary success.

9.) Invest in more homes to use as rental properties to generate income. (10years)

A house to rent out once I have my finances in order. This will help to supplement my income from the car business.
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Tyler Foss


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