Pure Bliss Yoga & Café

Business idea

Our business idea is to create a studio that combines a café and a yoga studio called Pure Bliss. The combination is created for everyone who wants to enjoy their cup of coffee in a cosy atmosphere without a rush after a relaxing yoga class in Helsinki area. We want to offer a calm space, where the guests can get to know each other while enjoying a moment in peace. Pure Bliss yoga & café wil be like an island of peacefulness in the centre of a hectic city. Our yoga classes and food and beverage experience offers something unique to the guests.

Value Proposition

Our values consist of time saving, well being and creating a community. The combination of the services will create value for the busy customers, whereas meeting new people in a nice atmosphere offers the sense of community for those who seek communication.

Value map

Customer Segments

Customer persona map

Pure Bliss is open for everyone interested in his or her wellbeing. The most important customers are 30+/- years old females from the Helsinki capital region. We created three customer personas; young female, young male and middle aged female. Even though younger customers are the target group, elderly people are more than welcome to join our classes and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee in the café .

Customer personas

Young female

Jenni is a 27-year-old marketing assistant from Punavuori, Helsinki. She is working in a small digital marketing company in the heart of Helsinki. She has always liked to exercise but she started to do yoga a few years back when her friend suggested it to her. Nowadays she loves to start her day with yoga. She feels it gives a great start and energy to her days. Sometimes she struggles with her breakfast, as she tends to be too lazy to make it ready in advance. She now takes yoga in a huge fitness center but unfortunately they don’t have daily morning classes. Jenni would love to find a new yoga studio that would have different kinds of yoga classes and most importantly every morning.

Young male

Samuel is a 35-year-old artist from Kallio, Helsinki. He has a small studio next to his home. He loves to travel and has been to many yoga retreats mainly in Asia. Due to his ever changing schedule and circadian rhythm, his schedule for yoga varies too. He likes yoga because it helps him to focus better on his work. He likes to try different types of yoga. Samuel needs his daily caffeine doze and he’s happy that Helsinki has gotten so many new nice cafes. He spends a lot of time with his group of friends and the feeling of belonging is important to him.

Middle-aged female

Helena is a 51-year-old woman from Haukilahti, Espoo. She’s an entrepreneur. She has devoted her life to being a mom for their three daughters and her business. Now when the girls are adults, she has finally started to do things for herself again. She likes to try different kinds of sports and is very interested in yoga. Her youngest daughter has praised yoga and Helena has promised to try. Helena has a lot of friends but wishes to have more time to meet them. She would love to combine exercising and meeting friends.

Customer journey path

Our customer journey path example starts already before entering the premises. Pure Bliss is marketing itself in social media and trusting the word-of-mouth. As the concept is unique in the Helsinki city centre area, it will arise curiosity. The starting point of the example path is the yoga class which is followed by a food and beverage experience in the café.

Customer journey path example


When arriving to Pure Bliss, Jenni first notices the serene atmosphere. She is greeted by a smiley staff member. She spots the small and cozy café and decides to have a cup of good coffee after her yoga class. Right next to the café she can see a reception desk. She’s being told about the next classes starting. She buys a ticket and the staff member guides her to ladies changing room. She is pleasantly surprised. The room is spacious, light and gives a feeling of tranquility. She takes a locker and changes into her yoga clothes.

Yoga studio

At the yoga studio Jenni immediately feels relaxed. There’s calming music playing on the background, a few candles and plants here and there and some healing crystals and stones to boost the yoga practices. The yoga teacher gives insights about the asanas and yoga practice. She’s encouraging people to channel their energies and listen to their own bodies. During the class, she walks around the studio and gives tips and corrects the postures in a nice, encouraging way. The class ends with a relaxation part. After the class, Jenni goes to take a shower. She finds a nice variety of products for the customers to use. Today she decides to go with coconut-scented body lotion. She is super happy about the products because now she knows that she doesn’t need to carry her own shampoos when coming to morning classes.


Jenni is going to meet up with her friends in an hour. She takes a look at the café offering and has a hard time choosing what to have, everything looks so delicious and fresh! She decides to go for a green smoothie bowl and café latte. She seats in a comfy armchair and reads the latest magazines. The smoothie bowl tastes amazing and the coffee tastes unreal, just like she envisioned and expected.


After the relaxing yoga class and delicious snack in the café, Jenni goes to meet her friends. She was so impressed with both the class, yoga teacher and the café experience that she suggests her friends to join her the next time she goes. The yoga teacher was promoting an acro yoga workshop, where Jenni and her friends decide to sign up for.


We will set up a web page for the company. There will be:

  • The story of the company
  • Our values
  • General information
  • News
  • A possibility to book a yoga class

Because our main target group is 30 + females, we can use chosen social media platforms as our main marketing channels. A Facebook page will be done and focused on. It is a powerful tool to reach potential customers. Other social media sites will be Instagram and Snapchat. We also rely on word-of-mouth, as we are really emphasizing the quality in our service.

Customer relationship

We want our customers to get to know us. We also want them to know each other and to have a feeling of being part of a community. The sense of belonging will also affect on them coming back again and again. The atmosphere will play a crucial part of making this happen. On our behalf, we want to get to know our customers and have a personal relationship with each one. In our service, we will rank quality over everything

Key Activities

To deliver our value preposition we need to engage in the following activities:

  • Finding the rental space: We have quite specific and strict requirements for the studio space and the space is crucially important as it’s not only provides the aesthetic experience to the customers, but also is a basis of the whole service. The smoothness of the service process depends on the organization of the space. The most important features are size, location and light. Architectural style is not significant, until the space has a character and the characteristics mentioned above.
  • Space renovation: When the space is found, it might need some fundamental changes, such as repainting the walls, small repairs, updating the bathrooms, etc.
  • Finding yoga instructors: As beautiful as the space is, it’s not enough for providing a good service. Pure Bliss is a yoga studio in the first place with additional features built around it. So to find professional yoga instructors is a serious issue. The process of searching might take a lot of time, so it’s better to start it at the early stage.
  • Creating a menu with the help of a professional: We don’t want to offer a generic boring menu in our café, but we are not Restaurant experts. We plan to cooperate with some chef and come up with an original menu.
  • Finding local producers for food deliveries: We would like to cooperate with local producers and bring fresh products into out café menu.
  • Finding waiters/cooks/cashiers/receptionists: It’s better to have staff ready to start as soon as the place is ready to open.
  • Purchasing/leasing kitchen equipment: As soon as it’s clear what kind of menu we are going to work with, we can buy/lease required kitchen equipment in needed amounts
  • Creating the branding with the help of a professional: We would need a help of a professional designer with creating a logo and branding, as it’s something that people would remember us by and it’s important to have a well-thought through, appealing, original logo that would help to stir up the interest to the studio.
  • Marketing (raising the interest): As soon as we have a logo, we can start marketing and raising the interest towards our studio.
  • Creating the website: We think we will manage with creating a website on our own.
  • Purchasing furniture, lights, crockery, decoration, sport equipment, etc.: We want our space to look unique and create an atmosphere of relaxation and peacefulness and be an experience on its own. Furniture and decorations should reflect the ideas behind the concept.
  • Testing it with the pop-up event: Last check-up before the opening and the opportunity to improve some small mistakes.
  • Opening and selling the services: Now it’s time to get the profit!

Key Resources

Assets that are available to us or under our control:

  • Ready feasible concept
  • Experience and visual expertise
  • Marketing strategies

Key Partners

  • Yoga instructors
  • Other staff members
  • Local food producers (product deliveries for our kitchen)
  • Graphic designer (creating the logo and branding)
  • Restrainer/chef (creating the menu)
  • Construction workers (renovating the space)
  • Kitchen equipment leasing company

Financial Plan

The financial plan consists of cost structre and revenue streams. The cost structure is divided into long term and short term liabilities. The revenues consist of two main streams; food & beverage and yoga studio.

Cost structure

The base of the long-term liabilities come from the building itself, its design and possible rent. Additionally, the short term liabilities include the salaries of both café staff and yoga teachers. Possible licenses, food and beverage orders, yoga mats and other equipment and their maintenance will be covered, too. Also, marketing and staff well-being services are part of the company's short term liabilities.

Revenue streams

The yoga café has two main revenue streams; the café products and yoga classes. Tickets, memberships and different kinds of workshops in the yoga studio side will bring money in. Also the food and beverage experience will help getting revenue. The easiness and time saving combination will attract the customers and this way get them to consume both products and services we are offering. All the products offered in the café are healthy and nutricious, which can bring in customers who are willing to spend more money than an average person in a café.


Facebook and Instagram will be main channels for marketing. Through these social medias, we are going to create an attractive and valuable story for potential customers through reliable and engaging content, build up an image and construct the story which customer would like to be a part of.

Through Facebook news, special offers, promotions, seasonal changes in menus, etc. will be distributed, as for the customers in general it’s the most convenient way to keep up. Facebook is also a fast and convenient way for the customer to contact the business and get replies to their questions.

Instagram is for creating a story through images which are powerful instrument majorly affecting consumer decisions. There are different strategies that we can use. For example, making it personal through behind-the-scene snaps and letting the customers know who stands behind the business (thus humanizing it). Building up a strong unique visual image is another method. Instagram helps to create a picture in consumers’ minds by which the business is going to be associated with.

As for the website, its main function is booking the classes and showing the timetables. It also contains all general information about the business in a more detailed way than Facebook. Website also can be a platform for blogging. It is another good way to create a story, promote the values and sell the lifestyle.

An example of a poster

Staff plan

Our staff plan consists of the ideal staff member description, what we offer in return for the employees and some aspects of visibility in job searching.

The staff members

We want our staff members to have the same values as the Pure Bliss yoga & café has. The café staff should be interested in healthy eating, using fresh ingredients and building great customer relationships. The employees of yoga studio would preferably share an interest towards yoga and well-being and sharing the knowledge with the customers. We would like to hire professionals from the yoga field and café staff with fresh ideas and positive mind set.

What we offer

In return, we would offer our staff members a great working environment with open communication and recognition of talent. The strenghts of each staff member would be taken into a consideration and the staff would have a possibility to share their ideas with the management. Also benefits, like free yoga workshops, would be offered to the staff members. This way they would keep learning and also enjoying the free amenities and services.


We would post online job application possibilities especially in social media. The applicants could also come to the studio, if they want to leave their Curriculum there. We would post introductions and info about the current employees, so that the new applicants can relate to them.

Alexandra Dvornikova, Jonna Jacklin, Viia Vaarnavuo


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