4 L i t B.o.B x T.I. x Ty Dolla $

00:00 - 00:22

BoB rides backseat of an old school Lincoln. There is no driver. the interior is bright red. The inside of the car glows with a bright green overhead light.

BoB looks out the window, the city lights streaking across the reflection.

BoB see two girls make out on the side walk outside a store. Inside a restaurant two other girls kiss on top of a table that sits in the window.

BoB performs the top end of the hook.

Performances in the back of the car will be scattered through out the video. We will use the LED panels to create interactive driving scenes with various back drops in the back windshield and rear windows. The colors that reflect and pour into the car will be saturated and colorful.

00:22 - 00:34

(spinning overhead crane shot) Bob lays on a red shag rug carpet surrounded by girls in yellow clothing. Various girls hook up. Camera moves out from tight close ups on bob to expansive wides that reveal the entire world.


This performance utilizes a large wall of LED panels as the back drop to a 3 shot performance with all of the Artists. Various images and colors will illuminate the wall in the hazey space.


T.I peers down from a golden telescope on top of his pent house in the city. The room sprinkled with females, the aesthetic is retro, neon and backlit. A performance will be captured here.

TY Dolla $

Think of it like the Last Supper, a massive all white table stretches across the room. Atop each plate sits Pink tacos and in each chair a beautiful women. The vibe is fancy. BoB and Ty sit at the table and perform. Girls Walk on top of the table.


I have pull on an old school transit bus from the 80's. I would use the LED panels outside the bus windows and bring the red carpet and color scheme over from the shag rug scene. Neon Bulbs would line the interior.

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