Tarinmikael 2016-2017 2nd trimester

Hopes and dreams

My hope is that I could end third grade strong with good grades and I think I may have accomplished that. Because in most of my grades I felt like I did my best and my best was good. One problem I had was not liking homework and wanting to play so I rushed through homework. I still do but not as much. My dream was to be as smart as my dad or smarter but I could easily guess I wouldn't do it by third grade.

A picture of my writing of my dream.


My reading goal was to have more of a conversation about books when I'm reading for example questioning things. I did not meet this goal because I still kind of zoom through books. But what another personal goal I had was to read just as fluently out loud as in my head. And also to read more challenging books which I don't think I did because I only read a part of one.

One pretty cool activity in reading was doing fables now for speech festival. My favorite part about speech festival was the lower L The funniest was kindergarten because they were cute and I always liked short fables and it explained what I didn't know about Mauna Kea. I didn't make it to the semi-finals but I tried my best. My fable was the bundle of sticks.

The fable I did.

One of my favorite books was captain underpants in color. Because I like fiction and it was like a very funny fiction. It was about the original story of a mean princible and two pranking friends that the princible hates. Then one day he makes them do his chores then they had enough of it and decided to hipnotivpze him. They thought the ring was a joke but it was not they decided to joke around and call him captain underpants. Because it looked like superheroes were in underpants but then he took his clothes off ripped off a curtain tied it on him neck and out the window he went to stop robbers.



I think I chose a good topic because I chose boxing and I have a lot of experience on it. For example I know most of the needed gear and moves.

Here is my book.

Grade sheet for narrative writing piece.

I really don't think this should've got an E because my handwriting was ugly I forgot a lot of things like paragraphing. But instead I'll be positive about it what was good was I put in detail and I used titles that fit the things under it.


What we learned in math was multiplication and division. I didn't learn much but what I did learn was some words like quotient which is the answer to a division problem. Or a factor which is the number you multiply or multiply by in a multiplication problem. Some kind of math strategy that requires you to know this is a tape diagram because you need to make sure that for doing multiplication in it that you put the right things in order like when the answer is 24 but you put it where a factor would go.

Picture of tape diagrams.

Social Studies

in order to hopefully sell betterMarket day. What market day was about was after we went to the farmers market to observe how they sell or their decor. Then we tracked down some important things to maybe sell better. Like incentives which is basicly a deal. Or and advertisement which is just kind of getting people's attention by getting your product out there. What I decided to sell was bead keychains I would like to believe it sold well because I sold out and I chose the right price because I made just one dollar more than double my expenses. One way I decided to do like the producers at farmers was I had a nice decor like a little tree and I had an incentive of buy get a free gift.

Me selling at market day.

Thank you for coming to my presentation.

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